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How to congratulate the friend on a holiday of White month?

Here now finally come New year - year of the Fiery boar. 18 - go February. And if in traditions of celebration of a usual calendar holiday it is one night plus day to recover (strangenesses of the Russian holidays of the last years are not counted), then with lunar New year all differently. Traditionally Sagaalgan (Tsagaal Gunn - mong., Tsagan Sar - Tib.) celebrate about twenty days, since first day of the first spring new moon and continuing a holiday, celebrating Buddhist defenders and remembering 15 miracles of Buddha - on each miracle - on one day.

So, it is about the regions and the countries meeting the lunar New year appointed to the first spring new moon, most likely, by Buddhist lamas - this afternoon they designate an important event in the first Buddha`s biography - Siddhartha Gautama. How celebrate New year in Japan or China to tell troublesome - very much influence on traditions of a holiday of syncretism, Shintoism and communism is big. And here to give advice how to impress familiar Buryats, Tuvinians or Mongols - it is possible.

To big pleasure of historians and religioved, Sagaalgan`s traditions in Mongolia and Cis-Baikal reached in almost refined state up to now. In - the first, to that the tribute to these traditions in rather poor entertainments to life, and in - the second was the assistant, celebration of White month was forbidden at the time of the Soviet power, traditions hid and quietly hid in chests, their time did not return yet. Mongolia officially allowed a holiday in 1960 - m to year, and in Buryatia - in 1990 - m. Days of approach of Sagaalgan are official days off.

To bring order to a case and to paint a hitching post

Already a month before Sagaagan`s approach preparations for a holiday began - it was necessary to bring order and to clean all yurta that in itself was difficult. The clothes were shaken up and aired - straightened satin sleeves on wind, having been tired to lie in chests. Women sewed new dresses, and men put a new hitching post or painted already existing. A hitching post - the most important symbol of man`s advantage. It is even traditionally similar to this advantage - a strong column with a carving on a top. Long since at the dwelling the highest hitching post - the host was established, and further hitching posts were lower. The female hitching post was the usual log established on two low legs .

I will not keep: on one of trips across Buryatia I happened to visit the dense village where in old Dougan`s building (the Buddhist temple) the museum of local lore was located. Keepers are two grandfathers, the Buryat and Russian. Like to drink - a difficult life. Leaving the museum, I by tradition left to grandfathers a little money. Satellites lectured me for what will be spent on drink supposedly

In two days at once we passed by the museum. Near a fence there was a man`s hitching post (as an exhibit), and its tops were painted by purple paint.

- the Whole bucket of paint bought! - joyfully grandfathers reported.

Will spend on drink also not all

we Come back to our traditions: you have a chance to give to cleaning of the day off thematic character!

The piece of brisket and is a little jrme

So, by the end of the most dark days (30 - go lunar day of the last winter month) in houses was tidied up, and people families dressed up and waited for approach of a holiday. Tables, nice little tables on carved legs - burst with viands. First of all - the dairy food symbolizing purity, light thoughts and White month in itself. These are dried skins (jrme), milk flat cakes, cottage cheese cookies and a surprising way (colostrum) prepared uurag. And still - meat dishes, and here it is possible to sigh with some relief if you seriously want to please the acquaintances: it is a blockhead (unhumorously, it agrees), brisket, lovely to heart bukhlyor and, of course, buuza (pose). It is possible to manage also usual pelmeni. And still it is possible to show the imagination: to buy sagaat - Eden (dairy food) to the taste - whether it be curds or sheep cheese.

A bag of candies, hadag and blagopozhelany

As for gifts - you have to remember distinctions of age and the status. Present to small kids new brilliant coins (presents), to the old man scrape out and bring the pipe filled by good tobacco (previously it needs to be kindled), to the boss - blue hadag - a rectangular scarf from silk. If your familiar Buryat (the Mongol, the Kalmyk, the Tuvinian ) was born in a year of the Boar, then right now it is a high time to present him a figure of this animal.

And still: gifts can be inexpensive, very important your attention. Present sweets or a small souvenir, the main thing - with pure thoughts and blagopozhelaniye. Since tomorrow you need to wish to people around of all the most essential - from office paper and to a corpulent issue of sheep. Wish sincerely, and your own year will work well. As Buddhist lamas consider, the main sense of Sagaalgan in blagopozhelaniye - when we fill space around ourselves with warm thoughts and good mood - will return from space a hundredfold. Perhaps we will try?

And still: if you have no opportunity to congratulate the friend, to treat in the pure yurta with a blockhead, previously having tied his horse to the freshly painted hitching post, just send it a congratulation by e-mail. Look:

Yes there will be people in wellbeing and prosperity,

Yes will be a big issue and a green grass,

Yes will be water Arshan!

This ancient blagopozhelaniye of cattle-farmers smells of the waking-up steppe and by that Arshan - a curative, sacred source. And it is unimportant that your friend long ago not the nomad and you, in general, too. Each ancient blagopozhelaniye has special force, in it experience and sincerity of many generations.

Turned out successfully: I carry out the kind rule of School of Life: I finish article with a wish. Yes, nearly forgot: with coming! Now - a point.