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Whether it is good to go to the pensioner Nikolay?

to the Pensioner Nikolay to go very well...

can So be told, paraphrasing verses of the famous children`s poet. That is good to go - only public transport for exempts as which in our city buses act, goes infrequently. On average, once in an hour. So it is good to go not always it turns out. And more often it turns out well to stand waiting for the treasured bus where it is possible to use the lawful privileges, in this case, for the drive. Also there are our veterans of war and work on all stops waiting for this most long-awaited bus. And by share taxis, so-called minibuses go. Only they carry passengers for money. And the certificate of the exempt, that is as now it is called social card - here will not help...

A youth, in sense, able-bodied part of the population sits down on minibuses, quietly leaving in due time. Also the individual transport is available for many. And the taxi can be called if absolutely you are late. Only our pensioners cannot call a taxi to themselves as the state generously estimated their work for the Homeland benefit having put it pension, on average, even in 2500 rub. I think what can be not continued further, you perfectly know the prices of everything, and also how many it is necessary to pay for utilities. The state, is visible, was guided at award of pension by a remark from the famous television movie: Our people do not go by a taxi! Including, and on route. And also do not eat, do not buy to themselves medicine, etc. of

pensioners, as if in hope for the last stronghold of justice Ring edition to us: Learn, please, maybe, it is possible that sometimes drivers of share taxis allowed to pass to us, at least to one person from veterans. It if empty seats are available. Or we could pay the half-prices. Nevertheless 7 rubles, not thirteen They say that drivers allow them to pass sometimes in a minibus, but there is no indication of it, and, in general, drivers as if also violate the instruction, arriving on - conscience. There is a wish that everything was under the law, and there is no law of it.

And weather forecasters promise continuation of long-awaited winter so far. To whom is in pleasure. And will be colder to someone else at the stops blown by all winds. Speak to understand the person, it is necessary to put himself on his place. Unfortunately, it is difficult for officials to imagine the bus-stop from a far convenient office. And behind a window of the comfortable car they too somehow imperceptibly float - these grandfathers and grandmothers expecting something Only it is unknown how it will be died at each of us. And whether it is possible to hope for a comfortable old age in the near future. Even savings can burn down suddenly. As the call, speak, - and will respond