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And you were in Kolomna for Christmas?

Christmas in Kolomna

From history of Kolomna

in the south of Moscow, on the high Moskvoretsk coast, from an extreme antiquity settle down the village Kolomna. The first written mention of it belongs to the 9th century, however, the archeology demonstrates that here the settlements having thousand-year history, the most ancient in the territory of Moscow were located. Throughout centuries the Russian sovereigns were owners of the village.

In 1923 at the initiative of the restoration architect P. D. Baranovsky in Kolomna was organized the museum under the open sky which over time turned it into one of the largest Moscow memorial estates.

the Main sight of the museum - ensemble of the Monarchic yard, summer residence of the Moscow princes and Russian tsars of the XVI-XVII centuries

the Most ancient construction Kolomna - Church of the Ascension was built in kontse20 - x - the beginning 30 - x years of the 16th century.

B Kolomna can be seen the monuments of wooden architecture transported here from various places of Russia including Monarchic front rooms (Peter I`s House), the only memorial museum of Petr in Moscow.

In museum expositions to attention of visitors are presented to a collection of architectural ceramics, icons, woodcarvings, white stone architectural details, metal wares, archeology, old printing and hand-written books.

We go in Kolomna!

What can be thought up for New year for children, except traditional New Year`s holidays? Probably, some interesting excursion, we also solved (parents) to go with our school students in Kolomna. And excursion subject: Christmas in Kolomna - and it is informative, and it is useful for our kids. In all honesty, whether often we tell them about national traditions? I think, you agree that you are not present. The program promised to be interesting, besides, in Kolomna it is interesting to visit at all seasons of the year. And to learn something new, to admire magnificent architectural complexes, and as a hobby - here from city noise and vanity as if you get to other world - tranquility, greens - in the summer, or rustle of autumn leaves and bright paints in the fall. Very beautifully here and in the winter. Well, in the real winter, of course. We - that arrived to that time when around under trees the grass cheerfully turned green. And the season could not be defined even on closer examination.

Church of the Ascension

As it appeared, at a trip by bus, but not on public transport, Kolomna it is located absolutely near our city. Especially, in the day off we happily avoided traffic jams therefore we arrived the planned beginning of excursion slightly earlier. Having decided to walk still a little across the territory Kolomna, we left to Church of the Ascension.

On the high coast of the Moskva River is located the Church of the Ascension constructed in 1532. It is one of the first tent stone temples in Russia. The temple, small by the internal sizes, served as summer house church of the Russian tsars in the XVI-XVII centuries

In 1996, along with the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square, the temple is included in the List of the world heritage of UNESCO.

Now the temple, under the contract with the Patriarchy, is in general use of the museum and a patriarchal farmstead founded in 1994. In 1917 in a subcage of church the Great Wonder-working icon of the Majestic Mother of God was found.

the Guide suggested us to visit the temple. We (besides parents) decided to seize this opportunity. As it usually happens, the special atmosphere reigned in the temple, all cares, problems depart away, and you as if remain alone with eternity. Were late about the Great Wonder-working icon of the Majestic Mother of God. It seems, from it some special light streams.

Is a pity that children did not agree to come with us, - where as not in the Russian church to begin acquaintance to the Russian traditions and ceremonies.

The beauty the boyar

At last we waited for the beginning of excursion, but - that it: instead of the expected next guide to us there is a belle - the boyar, in a magnificent dress, a kokoshnik. Also speaks as it is wonderful - drawlingly as in old times used to say. Also smiles so tenderly, our children to it stretched at once. Our boyar began to tell about the Russian holiday of Christmas, how we love there was it in Russia children and adults. Further, as she explains to us, we go on a visit. Our boyar - the guide explained to us that now we go on a visit and that kind people let us in the house for Christmas, we have to sing the Christmas Christmas carol which we right there also learned. We came, meanwhile, to an ancient structure, it turned out that it is even not the house, and as if pogrebok - storage ancient as steps conducted down.

Songs marvelous

For noise there was a hostess of a lodge - too in ancient Russian clothes. She met us slightly severely, but do not think that tourists bothered it, it was just necessary so according to the scenario of a holiday. But our kids grew quiet, look around with interest. And to look, really, was on what. When we came into a room where we were invited by the hostess after we sang her a rhyme the Christmas - then - that and magic began: around all ancient, light is muffled, the small fir-tree at the head of a room, here, perhaps, and all ornament, but sounds marvelous singing - assistants to the hostess so meet. And - it are belles, and voices wonderful, pure yes ringing, and in a hand at everyone the small candle burns. When singing ceased them, explained to us that here so, songs and welcomed dear visitors in Russia, and then, naturally at a table put yes treated. And we at the tables were seat. Treated to pancakes with jam and tea gave to drink. And the same maidens - beauties and not just like that, and in dance ancient took out all this.


So far all were treated with pancakes, the hostess suggested to tell fortunes to girls. Collected on one thing from everyone (a ring, an elastic band for hair), and under songs took on one yes destiny and predicted. But it did it to tell about fortune-telling for Christmas, and if the truth foretold it, our little girls also would be upset - to whom the mother-in-law harmful, to a lump of the husband old. Only one overseas promised the prince. And, maybe, will also carry?

Evil spirits

Then the fairy tale began at all - something unclear jumped out of a dark room which we also did not notice at once, something was all noisy, shaggy, and called his Bouck. Also dragged off Bouck of ours 3 - x girls somewhere. And returned they bewitched, with horns. Here and so evil spirits try to get to us into the house, the hostess tells. Therefore, it is necessary not to let in them, and in the house to be tidied up carefully and to prepare for a holiday by rules, and on a door of the house has to be nacherchen a cross orthodox. Well removed a spell from girls, having scattered on them a voditsa sacred.

Why dress up a fir-tree

A here and Father Frost appeared in time with the Snow Maiden, - too our kids dressed up, participated in carrying out a holiday. Also began to drive all round dances and songs to sing about a fir-tree. On - to the legend why the fir-tree became a Christmas tree? Because this tree evergreen. Can always feed any animal.

Still told us that for New year the magic of the first day works - it is necessary to reconcile with all surely.

Here we began to say goodbye and to thank the hostess for hospitality. And at the exit learned - that not the simple hostess it with assistants - musical theater of traditions of Irina Khokhlova songs welcomes and sees off guests in a lodge volume.

A Christmas performance

We went to other lodge, not less cozy, and also stylized under a country log hut. Only if there was a room spacious with tables yes benches, there was a small cozy lodge where both ware all country, and benches on walls stand, and the furnace Russian. Here our boyar told us about how lived earlier and to a holiday rejoiced. And families were big, and there was many pleasure. And, the new child grew up every year - in families there was on 10 (and even more) the person of children, and for him everything was for the first time. For this purpose showed the Christmas performance, as if puppet theater. And to us such performance was shown.

A still told about traditions of Christmas. And we will tell you about some of them.

Decoration of a fir-tree

the Christmas tree was decorated earlier not by children, but parents. Brought the fluffy beauty from the wood and put in the biggest room. Decorated a Christmas tree earlier only sweets yes fruit. And after a holiday the fir-tree did not need to be sorted any more - all managed to eat. If candies hung highly, then arrived simply - upon termination of a holiday just laid a fir-tree on the floor, and collected from it sweet gifts.

Christmas Eve

At orthodox Christians it is accepted Christmas Eve - night before Christmas - to carry out in the temple behind prayers. Preparing for Christmas holidays, in Russia strictly followed one important rule - carefully cleaned up the house. Well, maybe, not so thoroughly, as by Easter, but all - floors scraped, rubbed to gloss of a pan - a frying pan, cleaned table silver. The house is decorated with a fir-tree. Traditional Christmas colors - red and green, and in creation of festive mood it is possible to rely on them. Favourite symbolics of a holiday - angels, burros, a day nursery with the baby, the star of Bethlehem. In Russia by New year and by Christmas did special thick candles which were lit since evening and burned till the end of the next day.

the Christmas entertainment

As comes to an end on January 7 a post and it is necessary to break the fast probably in a big way. On a Christmas table by all means there has to be a meat, fish, wine and sweets much. Traditional dishes by this holiday - a jelly, pelmeni, the baked pig with horse-radish, Russian cabbage soup from sourcrout, meat, rice or jam pies. Before a solemn lunch gave " earlier; fat kolivo - the friable rice or wheat porridge with raisin and honey watered with the kindled butter.

To the first star

you Remember advertizing where such words sound: to the first star it is impossible we wait ? And it is valid, it was impossible to eat to the first star in Christmas Eve - not to the adult, not kids. And, houses soared all day the most tasty smells - prepared for a holiday. But even the hostess did not try that she prepared, and salted everything approximately. However, after a post which was observed sacredly nobody noticed a nedosol, - all food seemed very tasty.

To the first star in Christmas Eve usually sit in silence and think. Fortunately, in the winter the first star in the sky appears early enough, approximately at half past five p.m. Then it is necessary to sit down at a table, to drink - to have a snack and to go in an amicable way on the street - to sing songs, to play snowballs and to ride the sledge. Fiery entertainments like salutes and fireworks and round of neighbors with the purpose to call to have fun together are welcomed.

Told our impressions

Ya to you not about everything. There has to be something secret that you wanted to go in Kolomna and to see everything with own eyes. And, programs differ a little. For example, we still had to have a driving on horses, but about a grass I already told you. And we saw horses - all of them not " yet; changed the shoes in winter " rubber; - are harnessed in summer vehicles. And we, of course, bought souvenirs for memory about Kolomna. Also agreed again here it was pleasant to arrive all class - very much to us here.