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As deceive on the Internet, or the Field of wonders in the Country of fools of

you Remember the fairy tale about Buratino and the well-known song of a fox of Alice and Basilio`s cat: So far there live on light fools, to deceive to us, so, from a hand … On the fool the knife is not necessary, about three boxes you will tell lies to it and do with it that hosh ? Relevance of this song does not pass over the years …

As is a lot of housewives, students, physically disabled people, without wishing to reconcile to the developed financial position and impossibility for any reasons to find work, are dipped into waters of the boundless ocean under the name Internet in search of a possibility of application of the talents and abilities.

As a rule, for a long time nobody reacts to announcements of work of type: How to turn $6 into $6000? Having read it, you will be able to change the life! Everything that you should make, it to get WM - a purse (if you do not have it yet) and to send $1 for 6 WMZ - purses which are listed below. And everything, any tricks! In 7 days money began to come to my purse! Now goes 4 - I am week, I already amounted $4000, and the sum grows very quickly! To All and it is so clear that it is next scam .

But is also others, more serious at first sight, announcements of work at home. For example, vacancy typesetter of the text in solid publishing house, holding or just the firm which is engaged in publishing house of printing products. Work can be performed, without leaving the house. No requirements to education, length of service and age of applicants of vacancy are imposed. Besides the good salary, on condition of diligence and high-quality performance of work is promised. Well, than not ideal work for the person who for any reasons cannot find other work?

When the pleased applicants send to

the e-mail in which they, by the way, do not even demand to send at least the short summary, and just to specify work soon it turns out that except diligence, assiduity and high-quality performance of a task, there are also other conditions for receiving it titbit .


A such (I provide the text of the concrete letter): Before work you have to print 2 trial pages in the shortest terms. For obtaining this vacancy one-time payment of 60 rubles on a purse 41001 was entered... Many candidates undertake for employed and do not cope with it in time, thereby, subjecting us small, but nevertheless to a loss, and customers suffer. Trial pages are paid on the 30th rub / page. 60 rubles - it is a payment for trial pages which guarantees that you will print at least these 2 trial pages. Trial pages are checked and paid next day after material delivery. Thus, you begin to work with us and return the one-time payment. After verification of trial pages you will need to fill in the questionnaire for our database of remote workers. Working number will be assigned to you. To receive trial pages, it is necessary to make one-time payment on a purse of publishing house 41001... of 60 rubles to send the letter with the application for trial pages, specify in a subject of the letter One-time payment is made .

Well … there is no harm in trying - I thought and decided to try. Especially as loss of the sum of 60 rubles will not cost my pretty penny, and the offer looks very tempting. I transfer money … Next day I receive the scanned trial pages of some guide to writing of laboratory work. Regularly and quickly I perform work according to the requirements sent me. I send work … Next day I wait for the answer. Without having received it, I send the letter with a question. But I do not receive the answer and to it … Without saying already that, of course, I do not receive any promised payment for the trial pages executed by me.

Is possible, I would continue to wait for the answer fondly from this » offices; still some time if did not come across on the same Internet, on the official site of one of publishing houses, one interesting message.

Question: Dear edition. On the Internet an advertisement of vacancy « is placed; typesetter of the text in the Moscow publishing house Young Guard . Whether really you placed this advertisement? There is no strong wish to get on swindlers, and I am very interested in this work...

Reply of publishing house: We did not give such announcement. Most likely, it is swindlers. Be careful!

Final. Curtain. Applause next to the toiler Fields of wonders in the Country of fools!