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Whether can turn love you into an idol? Whether

we Can fall in love with the person who does not suit us for any reasons? To fall in love ideal the person, though you never considered yourself by an ideal? Perhaps, also we can, but whether it is necessary for us? To constantly suffer and torment itself with such relations you sometime met by

the ideal person? I think what is not present, ideal people are not, each person has shortcomings, complexes and it is a lot of any cockroaches in the head. But why sometimes it seems to us that the person whom we at the moment fallen in love is ideal. Whether it is possible? It is possible that the love obscures consciousness and puts on us pink glasses and we mentally turn the beloved into the ideal guy or the ideal girl. whether we Are ready to forget

about everything, to uplift darling on Olympe and to love it as loved before nobody? Perhaps many are also ready, but why such strange love? You were uplifted sometime on such level? You liked such relations? The person who idealizes and praises darling to high heaven turns into the admirer, and you into an idol. Who will like such love? Many are ready that they are idolized that they are worshipped, but such love cannot suit both people, cannot be strong and durable. Unless the relations when your beloved considers you by an ideal can long exist and you are its idol?

The relations have to be under construction on mutual understanding and mutual love, then they can long exist and turn into the ideal relations. But it is only mutual love, but not unilateral love and not love of an idol and the admirer.

Many people allow to love themselves, agree to be an idol and god for you, but they will never reciprocate to you because it is not interesting to live with the admirer. All the same what to live with the weak-willed person Because admirers execute all your whims and carry out any desires, sometimes even not the most not real and not feasible.

All the same that to have a circus dog who looks at you eyes in love brings slippers and the fresh newspaper. So the dog eats less therefore I would choose a dog, but not the admirer. Though sometimes it is pleasant to feel a star very much even.

You do not praise darling to high heaven, and be not set, prove to be from the different parties, let know to the person that he is pleasant to you, be as equals. Do not assume airs, sometimes ourselves are guilty that we are idealized, show that you the most ordinary person, you lead the same life, as well as all. Let he will understand that you different, but you together. It is possible to allow to love himself, but not to start this situation and not to aggravate it. The love has to be mutual and pure. And the love to an idol is already mad love even if your idol and any not a star.