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What has to be an entrance door? The Rare detail of an interior carries out

as much functions how many an entrance door. She hides internal space of the house from public eyes, she also reveals him for those who are invited.

at the same time the entrance door is some kind of business card houses, giving rather fair idea of a way of life, the social status and tastes of owners. In the image of the house of an entrance door which is thought over to trifles the special part turning it into a symbol of that space which behind it is is assigned.

Entrance doors it is possible are subdivided into two big groups depending on requirements imposed to them: doors for public and residential buildings.

To the entrance doors established in public buildings (especially where big flows of people are assumed), increased requirements on durability and rigidity of a door design are imposed. The design of doors has to not only be in harmony with a facade, but also correspond to their appointment. The door in bank cannot be similar to a door in a supermarket not only on design, but also on the design.

As for entrance doors in premises, on them, as well as on other elements of interior design, there is a fashion. Now the preference is given to production in modernist style: with laconic forms and a minimum of jewelry. Recently are in demand of a door from a tree of pinkish shades - a beech, sweet cherry.

Originally various combinations - both breeds of a tree, and shades of the same material look. The most courageous owners of apartments get the motley doors decorated with geometrical patterns of different flowers. Under the order make doors with incrustation by precious metals.

The price - anything, quality - ALL!

it is important to b to know

that you want to receive from the entrance door. On belief of experts, the door price - at all not defining factor at the choice - is much more important what the door as it is made and whether it is correctly established is made of.

Concept door includes a door box with a profile, actually a door, an antechurch and a platband, accessories and accessories. A door first of all - a thing functional, its task - to preserve our housing against not prosheny guests, and also against penetration of cold and noise.

Durability is provided by the steel framework, stiffening ribs welded on a framework steel sheets. The good door cannot be hollow, in it the heater (mineral wool, polypropylene or other similar materials) surely is located.

Thickness of a design which has to make not less than 40 - 45 mm, equipment by safe locks, as a rule, import is considered key parameters of safety. Experts claim that safety of a door is ensured better 1 - 2 good the lock, than 5 - 6 average qualities.

However, the same can be told also about the materials used at production of doors. It is difficult to overestimate importance of this question - they have to be very strong, durable, capable to maintain both hard frosts, and the exhausting heat, and dank dampness of rainy days.

For every taste the Century of high technologies offered

, besides a traditional tree and metal, the plastics and glass in a special way processed.

Doors wooden (modern designs) are traditionally widely applied in historical building of the cities, at reconstruction and repair of facades. But it should be noted that such modern materials as profiles from PVC and aluminum, and also steel structures allow to replace a tree not only in new construction, but also at reconstruction of buildings since. the coverings imitating wood structure are developed for them.

Are more and more widely applied and the combined door designs, in them durability of metal is combined with decorative properties of a natural tree.

of the Door can be single-door and two-fold, with vertical and horizontal inserts. At their design there can be elements from glass, including shock-proof and bulletproof.

There is a set of various decisions, for example, the door with the special decorative steel level closing a door box on perimeter can be decorated with graceful brass accessories under " bronze; or " chrome;. If you want that it looked more perfect, it is possible to order the hidden door loops.

Successfully picked up door should not be too elaborate or excessively heavy, as in a medieval castle. Especially ridiculously such bulk looks in close khrushchyovkas .

Remember that often the first impression about the owner, about his tastes and financial opportunities develops by the form doors.