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How not to let in to itself envy?

the Great writer Jean - Baptiste Moliere told: Envious persons die, but envy - never . So conversation on envy - a subject not new.

Envy - a terrible animal. Even having lodged in consciousness once, it can poison not one day from our precious life.

the Subject of envy can be both material wealth, and non-material things (beauty, success, virtue, etc.)

In the world there are a lot of things which it would be desirable to possess. But here something is not given us, and we can begin to compare ourselves to those who have it, and afterwards there will be feeling of disappointment.

Similar torments are absolutely rather offensive and if in time not to get rid of them, then over time they can serve as the reason of the real psychosis.

And in ours, often material, the world of reasons for similar experiences weight. Always there will be that at whom something is better, it is more. The world is learned in comparison.

Really, we will present that the rich family will move from a huge mansion to the four-room apartment - for them it will be crash, and the family which moved from a two-room five-storey apartment block to the same apartment will be in the seventh heaven.

So for a start itself should not put the overestimated levels, trying to be the most realistic.

They say that is white and black envy. As me it seems to

, any shade of envy is not too good. But if white envy forces, looking at progress of others, to wake own vanity and to move towards expansion of an outlook, improvement of own vital status, situation - that nevertheless it is positive.

Envy can force to lead others life, watching fruits of foreign progress, passing the invaluable life.

For example, young mother stays at home, and it seems to her that it chained to the center passes something interesting and invaluable in this world. Though what can be more important than the child?

Or the married girl meets unmarried girlfriends, and thinks how their life filled with different events is interesting, and it is colourless.

the Best way to get rid of similar tortures - to imagine all life to which you begin to envy in details, unvarnished; not to allow own imagination to add fuel to the fire.

We will address Orthodoxy.

Envy is ranked by Christianity as one of seven mortal sins which is that the person wishes to possess what does not belong to it.

the Lucifer could not win himself against feeling of envy to God because he wanted to have the same privileges, as God, and considered that he is worthy it. The spirit of disagreement and discontent lodged in Lucifer. It began to resist to God.

A the most striking and tragic example of this evil is envy of Pharisees and scribes to Jesus Christ who could not reconcile to his divine nature.

Envy it becomes frequent the reason of cruelty and violence of people one above another: envying tries to get by force what does not belong to it.

So whether envy is so harmless?

But what to do if envy everything is lodged inside? People are not perfect.

Probably, for a start it is worth admitting to himself this fact, and then to try to release offense on an unfair peace arrangement.

is better to direct the invaluable energy to creation something good, positive, will be so much bigger chances to achieve success and to raise an own bar of self-esteem.

Think how much personally you are able as you could overcome much, and never to whom do not compare yourself.

Compare only yourself to yourself.

And what to do if envy you?

not always show this feeling openly. May be that at communication with the person you suddenly begin to feel uncomfortablly.

Probably, it is worth trying to avoid this communication and if it for any reasons it is impossible - to try to be tolerant though, of course, it is difficult.

The majority of us does not love morals, manuals, councils, does not perceive life experience grown wise for years of people, hoping, relying only on own mind and experience.

But, anyway, nevertheless is better to hear sometimes others to try to understand true human values, having rejected imaginary.

Let`s protect the health, spiritual and physical, steering clear of the reasons preventing to do it to live long and happily!

There is a wish to finish with remarkable verses of Alexander Yakovlevich Rosenbaum:

I went on the warpath,

of the Enemy is known a name - envy.

Creeps heart-to-heart, poisons thoughts,

Modifies dreams.

The friends ruined by it of

without recovering, died,

A celebrates envy at the nights

of the Victory of the meanness.

When the whole world fascinated by itself

the Magic sound of refined sonatas,

Then to Salieri Mozart in a glass

Poured poison.

When long ago, the half-world having subdued,

Great Rome managed the right court,

Then Caesar`s dagger

Artful Brut struck.

I went on the warpath,

my enemy stole from many reason,

As from frames steal diamonds,

Having deprived invaluable of the price.

Envy cannot be white, Kohl does not bring

to people of happiness,

It blackens every hour,

Since was born in heart.

Having stopped constellations a hand, Having prolonged

indefinitely the century,

With chopped-off gray-haired-headed

Ulugbek Fell.

It seemed, the gladiator will win,

could not constrain the Senate of its attacks,

Not force - treachery broke by

In fight Spartak.

I went on the warpath,

of the Enemy is known a name - envy.

Cripples souls, poisons thoughts,

Modifies dreams.