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How to secure the computer? Part 4 - E - fraud.

In today`s article we will consider safety issues, connected rather not with the computer, and with his owner or the hostess and their financial wellbeing.

So, small digression to the theory the Internet - deception. But before I want to notice that all that you will read, is written only to help you to avoid loss of your money and nerves. You should not use this material for deception of other users of a world wide web. It is illegal!

Nigerian letters

One of the oldest methods of depriving of money at the population . You receive the e-mail from some country with very unstable internal political situation (such Banana Republic) in which to you suggest to participate in money laundering. It can be anything: the plundered help from the UN, gold of Party, the stolen money from local National Bank, etc. of

is natural, offer you percent from profit. Only condition - you have to provide access to the bank account. As soon as you make it … Yes, you are right - you will be left without account and without money which on it was. From there is a rule which was known still to Pushkin: You would not chase, the priest, low cost .

of Web - money

We Admit Web - money to management. Percent - big . Such announcements quite often meet in the Network. The trustful person transfers the electronic money on the specified requisites. And, naturally, loses them. Sometimes, at a small investment of money, it is possible to receive the savings back, but it only the client`s enticement, attempt to force it to enclose larger sum.

If you do not want to get on such rod be not too lazy and look on the Internet so-called black lists in which numbers WM - purses which owners are suspected of fraud are specified.

the Sense of this action is simple of the Pyramid

. At forums the list from 5 - 10 numbers WM - purses is placed. Those who agrees to participate, are offered to transfer to each of purses on 1 ruble (either dollar, or euro), and then, having struck the last purse off the list and having added the purse to its beginning, to distribute this list on other forums. At the same time the list, as a rule, is followed by enthusiastic messages on fabulous profits.

It is possible to call it fraud with great reserve as people usually know that it is a financial pyramid and give the money voluntarily.


are swindlers who forge credit cards. The representative of bank can call you and tell that you won a trip to Spain. But only, to check whether really you are the owner of a credit card, he will ask you to report its number and, perhaps, even a pin - a code. Be reasonable, do not do it under no circumstances: any serious organization does not communicate with the clients in this way therefore be not too lazy to call back in bank to specify this information.

What conclusion can be drawn from this? First try, then trust; and having checked - recheck! Or, as option: Check Seven times, entrust one .

the Freebie

Often swindlers enjoy love of people to all free. So, for example, gaming machines are programmed, and many people know about it. The swindler sends the letter which author is represented the person who is just engaged in programming of gaming machines. For a certain payment the swindler promises to send you special ON for an insertion and the equipment (as a rule, a cable for the computer).

Arguments that you believed, iron are given: you pay goods only after its receiving. And then - that you by means of Bluetooth will be able to reprogram any gaming machine. You agree, and already soon enough by mail the parcel post with a disk and a cable really comes.

Having paid, houses the potential burglar of gaming machines finds out that on a disk the animated cartoon is written down, and the cable simply is non-working.

The paradox of it and similar to it ways of deception is that there will be simply nobody to complain. You will not begin to write the application to the militia that casinos, and as a result " were going to deceive; threw you. The relations between you and swindlers are under construction on trust which they usually reason so: We help to make illegal operation, so, we on one party, are not present sense to deceive each other .

In spite of the fact that there is a lot of ways of deception, all of them are based on two principles. In one case the purpose of swindlers - to receive your password to any resource (the website, a credit card, the account, etc.). The second way is based on the principle in the morning - money, in the evening - chairs . Money, as a rule, small that the victim left them easily.

It is only small part of ways of deception of people. I hope, you will have enough prudence soberly to estimate all pluses and minuses of offers which you will meet on the Internet. Also, it would be desirable to believe that this article will help you to keep your money. Progress to you, friends!