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Why USE is necessary?

Disputes on advantage and harm of USE were conducted long before the beginning of the experiment begun in Russia in 2001 - m to year. But on January 26, 2007 - go years deputies of the State Duma all - approved the law on stage-by-stage introduction of Unified State Exam in final reading. So - it is not necessary to choose already, it is necessary only to reconcile and prepare for testing.

We do not undertake to claim unambiguously, this the examination form, general for all country, is bad or good. But we undertake to look at a problem from the different parties, connecting honey and tar.

The main idea of USE - to combine State Final Examination of graduates of schools and entrance tests in state universities and establishments of secondary professional education. It is good already at least from the psychological point of view: reducing the number of examinations - we reduce quantity of the stresses which are examined. But thus we reduce vocational guidance of entrants, already not really high today. The entrant any more purposefully will not prepare there where he wants, and will send results of USE to several higher education institutions and to wait - perhaps, where I will slip .

Uniform examination is urged to help to get to talented children from the remote place to prestigious higher education institutions. However elite higher education institutions, capital and some other large Russian higher education institutions USE does not hurry to accept results - it is possible to get to them still only by results of intra high school entrance tests. Head this secret group untouchable such higher education institutions as MSU, MGIMO, MGTU of Bauman, Sankt - the St. Petersburg state university.

One more purpose of USE - to exclude corruption in higher education institutions. But here, strangely enough, the law of energy conservation works: corruption from higher education institutions partially moved to school. In a word - where passes directly test, there and bribes take place to be.

When testing the question of bias of examiners, of their value judgment is removed. However and the identity of the entrant is erased too: it is impossible to make out specific features arriving and ability to thinking. However, in certain cases, when special creative, physical and psychological training is required, entrants will take additional entrance examinations. It is clear, that for receipt in theatrical higher education institution besides knowledge it is necessary to have talent. And, as we know, not to measure it by the test. But here it is not clear - whether the lawyer`s profession is considered creative? Or diplomat? One consoles - the final decision in objects of a humanitarian cycle is meanwhile not made.

The greatest possible number of points when passing USE - 100. And it is, you see, not school five points. Thus, estimation range extended: the five - it is not one point more, than the four, and on whole 15 because perfectly in the certificate will deliver to the one who according to test results will gain from 85 - ti up to 100 points. But here teachers are subject teachers and teachers of higher education institutions say that measuring materials are simply terrible: from the offered versions of answers to a question of the test it can not appear any really true! The deputy of the State Duma Oleg Nikolaevich Smolin spoke about shortcomings of the test, by the way, to the approval of the project.

It is thought that the final end to this borbemneniye will be put only by time. Six years - small term for educational experiment. We remind representatives of contradictory camps that at a medal always two parties. Listen to each other, and, perhaps, this time in joint dispute the truth, in our case - such form of examination which will suit all participants of educational process will be born. Including entrants whom, by the way, nobody asked.