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How to save on telephone conversations?

Sergey and Elena returned Recently from the holidays spent in Canada. Impressions of a trip lasted for a long time especially as they shared them very willingly. Somehow Sergey mentioned that on travel they very much missed the two-year-old daughter whom they could not take with themselves from - for long flights and the mad schedule of a trip. The girl too very much missed and could not fall asleep without obligatory evening fairy tale which was usually told every day to it by mother.

But we found a way out! - smiling from pleasure, Sergey told. - We called every evening it by telephone, and Lena read it the fairy tale! In two weeks it cost us only eighty rubles! Yes, rubles! . The fantasy, even the child will not believe in it Right there are remembered by

Fairy tales by " phone; Gianni Rodari in which signor Bianchi, in whatever town of Italy appeared every evening exactly at nine o`clock called home and told the daughter by phone the new fairy tale. You know what was told by one seven-year-old boy when he heard the fairy tale? At it what, roaming free was? Yes, modern children often understand new technologies better than other adult But imagine

for a minute that all this is quite real. Dream of everyone - full freedom, easy communication without restrictions and without obstacles. Imagine the technology giving you the chance to ring any point of the world, at any time, by means of any device. And such interoperator network really exists.

Again IP-telephony, - you will tell, - again cards and difficult codes! Anything similar! The network provides special virtual SIM - the card which can use from any mobile phone of any brand, model or generation, a home telephone number or the personal computer worldwide.

You get the virtual number available from any telephone network through numbers of direct access in sixty countries of the world. Virtual number identifies the user in a network and allows to receive calls irrespective of location of the subscriber. Number possesses a set of additional functions among which: system of telephone conference, system of voice mail, system of audiomessages and a possibility of readdressing of calls on external number.

You will be able to solve at once to what way of connection to give preference: to the simply or more difficult, from the mobile phone or stationary, from the computer or the smartphone. Irrespective of the fact which the device is used, the technology allows to ring easily and quickly every spot on the globe, leaving at the same time a full freedom of choice of system of connection.

For a call from the mobile phone there are several ways, the simplest of which is the system of the return dialing. For commission of a call it is enough to call on one of the specified numbers and to be disconnected after one or two signals: such call will be absolutely free. In several seconds the system will call back itself and will suggest to dial number of the desirable subscriber.

If phone supports the Java 2 platform. 0 there is also GPRS - connection, it is possible to download the application directly on the mobile phone and by means of system of dialing to carry out calls, to send the SMS and messages of conference directly from the mobile phone with a possibility of group sending the SMS and conducting conference for simultaneous communication with six subscribers.

For stationary phone there is the mode. For a call it is necessary just to type one of numbers which list is on the website of an interoperator network and to follow instructions. You can call other subscribers and receive from them calls worldwide.

Access to an interoperator network can also be got by means of the computer having Internet connection. Opportunities in this case are significantly wider. The program of communication which can be downloaded free of charge from the website allows to work in the modes of a call, a video call, the SMS - the center, conference and a chat. It is natural that for full use of all these opportunities the computer has to be equipped with the microphone, columns and web - a chamber.

By the way, transition from one device to another will not demand any settings. The clever system will automatically choose the most preferable connection and will find for the subscriber in every spot on the globe.

The new revolutionary technology of communication already works. Join.