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What is Goa - a trance? Since ancient times people fell

into a trance. Shaman drums played quicker and quicker, the people dancing around a fire plunged into a condition of hypnosis. Devil drums got into reason and soul, turning the person into a wild animal, leaving only instincts. Africa, Siberia, Ancient Korea, Chukotka and Alaska - everywhere practiced immersion in a condition of a trance.

Shamans were seers, prophets and doctors. Ancient ordered to dance the magic beginning. They considered that dance is a coition of a body and music, capable to transfer consciousness to new spiritual level. The trance is a portal in a spiritual collector of our planet. Got there gets access to astral information base of Earth, ability to learn last, future and real.

There passed centuries, the breeding system was replaced by state. People lost touch with the nature, having gone on the way of technological progress. Shaman drums became an exotic subject, fires went out long ago, and the belief in a spiritual collector on the was changed by Orthodoxy and Christianity. But, still, in the world there were people falling into a trance by means of dance. Fires replaced with dance floors, shamans on di - Jay hippies were

In the beginning. Long hair, flares, the world and love, psikhodelik, acid fate, the turned fascist swastika. Having gained mad speed in 60 - e years, the movement children - " colors; everything won the new cities and continents. Too radical, too liberal, too uncontrollable, they too strongly disturbed the state. Acid passed into the category of illegal substances, and the long-haired bedash handsome turned into public enemies. Many, so-called right hippies, did not agree with such fate. They moved off in searches of new life. Anywhere, if only far away from America, far away from guilty Babylon .

Then there was Goa. Excellent town! All the year round heat! People are joyful, all have smiles on faces! No, I do not regret that I arrived here! - the suntanned guy in the Arab tunic and big sunglasses speaks. The Indian state of Goa became the place of pilgrimage of hippie from around the world. Many emigrated forever, without wishing to be reconciled with persecutions. They still propagandized free love, lived huge families and listened Beatles only did it in India now. Local long were surprised madman white but, seeing their peacefulness and friendliness, - got used quickly.

For the seventh day he created a trance - music. Something should be changed. Goa - Gil understood it, he told: One way tickets on the high-speed train of time, were sold to us till the birth! . Very few people understood mantras of the person whose hair were weaved into huge dreads, the thin body is covered with drawings by chalk, and in a forehead the Hindu front sight burned. On huge reels this shaman gave space, for those times, sounds. He created Goa - a trance and hit the nail. Its music could mention the necessary strings of thin soul of hippie - society. On solar Goa people were open for all new including for strange electronic music.

120 - 140 beats per minute. Goa - the trance is a galaxy from one million effects of an analog synthesizer with a strong spiritual, philosophical and power message. It is sacred meditation of high technologies. We take a monotonous rhythm of a direct barrel, carefully we mix with a low-frequency juicy bass, further to cocktail it is added space samples, meteoric rains, attacks thousands of lasers and ancient spells of sidkh. Voila! Welcome to Open - air!

Great association. Here so two cultures met on Goa and merged in the third. East and West. White and black. They were rallied by the general desire to expand consciousness. To reach a nirvana. The acid wave came also to India, having covered the island of Goa with the head. In 10 years of culture mixed up so that Great Shiva accepted psychodelic religion. Shiva became the hippie dancing Goa - a trance on an infinite dance floor of the Universe. And ascetics - a garden dance under blinking of stroboscopes and laser beams, on an equal basis with white transer. Baume Shankar! - they speak and blissfully smile.