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And you thought of the cases changing your life?

Now we live in the rigid world! Many lose self-respect (perhaps in accordance with the circumstances). Become rough, mean, cunning, heartless. Go down on a bottom of the life. Today`s tests bring people to different extremes: alcohol, drug addiction, suicide, theft, violence. Often the mat in Russian sounds.

At some school students one purpose - to drink, descend on a disco and all! Here such way of life

But everyone has the mission in life. Your place is always free! It is important not to occupy others! .

Most important that the person had since the childhood an aspiration something to reach, to be engaged in something. I want to write

A that I was quite lucky with the understanding parents whom I very much love! Also I cannot but write about a case which not only changed my life, but also saved from immorality.

In the childhood I was an unruly little girl. In 6 years mother began to drive me in Tsaryovsky sunday school, having read about a set of children in the " newspaper; Town . In the beginning it was heavy, there was no wish to go there as Sunday - the only day off and was necessary to get up early. I, of course, was capricious, but parents insisted.

Along with it, I is imperceptible for itself strengthened a core of the character. Already since the childhood to me imparted such qualities as patience, tranquility, justice, love, compassion. There other atmosphere, not such as reigned in comprehensive school absolutely. There was no wish to offend anybody, to brag, peach. And greed was not welcomed there. I drew conclusions, studied, tried to do good, and at me it turned out. Now I control the acts, I try to help people. Besides sunday school I went also to music school, and school of arts, " later; DYuTs etc. Now I have many friends on interests, broaden the horizons, constantly being interested in something new. It is interesting to me to live! And not in which case to do not stand still. Here what incentive gives moral and spiritual education since the childhood! I am very grateful to the mother.

If parents, people around and the state put the most valuable in the child: communication, time, forces, developing in it consciousness and will power, it is possible to expect fertile fruits and to count on a quiet old age to all society. Important to each of us to offer by own efforts to help the person to rise. But, it has to go!

U of each of us is the choice