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As what we consider indigenous Germans?

Historically so developed that Germans - antipodes of Russians. They betrayed us, having violated pact conditions About non-aggression . They are hardworking, we - are lazy. In their small world - it is good, on our native open spaces - it is bad. Whether but everything is so unambiguous?

So, the first that it is possible to tell about Germans is exclusively hardworking people. The German worker can twist 30 years nuts in one party, and will not even think that in his work something not so. Our builder will build new houses, to embody various design projects, but, having come home, will surely get drunk, will begin to tear on himself a shirt and to complain to the wife that there is no soul in its work .

In - the second, Germans - terrible conservatives. British, of course, will be more terrible in this question, but for the German of tradition - above all. Though all - was succeeded to pass with it on new euro - currency.

The third (and right there the fourth) line of the German as representative of the nation - honesty. To Steal to crack to kill - all this, of course, occurs also in Germany, but the ordinary German precisely knows that in life it is necessary to pay for everything, and that for free nothing happens. Therefore about any writing off at examinations out of the question. And if in shop instead of ten eggs incidentally put eleven, but it was found only houses - it is necessary to return to shop and to give to the careless seller superfluous . Besides honesty, also the concept of honor is not alien to Germans. Once one madman like idea about occupation of the world. And the world, as we know, without cruelty cannot be conquered. Ever since in Germany there was no newborn boy called by the name Adolf. And Germany still pays to victims in the years of World War II monetary compensations.

Accuracy and pedantry in everything. No comments. And without account.

Punctuality. And become angry not only about those who are late, but also for those who come earlier. And as to come on the dot very much - it is very difficult even for Germans, they always come slightly earlier and where - nibud round the corner wait for the put time.

Economy of Germans borders on avarice. This nation truly is able to save on matches.

Superclean nation! For any stranger a human smell easily can dismiss. Them chiefs yes in our summer morning bus!

Though in a saying What Russian is good - that to the German death these two nationalities are opposed, in reality all - is in us and the general. Whether you heard sometime about how students or workers of Germany staged with banners a demonstration in support of the movement some Greenpeace ? You think, they have no environmental problems? Yes full - it is full, as well as in any other industrial country. Just all Germans are distinguished by improbable obedience, it is similar Christian. Obedient officials obediently go to work, as they say, full time. Obedient citizens will easily reconcile to all burdens of destiny which to them were presented by the state. Many centuries we observe similar humility also in Russia.

Frankly speaking, except for the last, all these qualities of the German mentality do not seem to me negative. Though in moderate doses and laziness is good.