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What is prepared in France or what you will desire to eat an asparagus with, monsieur?

Everything it is more pleasant to have dinner in the company of the clever people ready to appreciate each other .

Brothers Emil and Jules Goncoury

Ya with big awe, and even with some unwillingness I undertake this subject because as it is possible to tell about Great and Immense. French cuisine - It is really big - and she deserves that wrote about it only from capital letter! And only geniuses of a feather. And It is immense … Tens of volumes are written about it. There would not be enough human life, perhaps, to try all French dishes. I will try, I will only try, to give you only a few short strokes to a portrait of this Kitchen.

Two important features are inherent in the French cookery which it is necessary to mention. In - the first, cooking and food are as important for French as love and art to keep up the conversation. In - the second, cookery at French - the spiritualized art. Salads they call by the names of operas: Aida Carmen Melancholy . And among cooks there was one which wrote recipes with verses and set then them to music ancient melodies. French - cookery language. Rolls, cutlets, a steak, sauce, mayonnaise, py - fr, omelet, consomme, potofa, jack - all these names, and many others, came to us from French cuisine.

For the French cookery, as for any another, sauce is important. It is possible to learn to cook and fry, but to learn to cook sauce it is impossible, the talent is for this purpose necessary, and with this talent it is necessary to be born - the famous culinary specialist and the writer 19 - go wrote centuries Briya - Savaren. And he - that was a good judge of it! Still, perhaps, it is possible to refuse meat, but the &ndash sauce; never! &ndash sauce; this main thing in any dish. Imagine the real sauce bordyolez, bechamel or bernez with white wine and cognac. And nobody will be surprised if you eat sauce by means of a grain crust. You do not want to leave on a plate this Miracle at all. There was still no gourmet which would refuse the standing wine or the standing sauce.

And salad! To make the real salad, it is not enough to wash up of it and to touch. Russo - and he understood cookery - claimed that for preparation of salad gentle hands of the very young girl are necessary.

Or cheese! Any meal does not do without cheese. Camembert is not less known in the world, than cognac. And the Roquefort cheese was prepared already at the time of Romans. If the Frenchman eats every day a new grade of cheese, it will never repeat within a year. They say that their from 400 to 600 grades. However, how to look: it is known that at one collector about 10000 labels of kinds of camembert cheese, and, collected for the last 20 years are stored. I will not keep not to provide absolutely simple recipe of the Parisian dessert from cheese: 150 gr. cheese and the peeled sweet 2 apples to slice thin, to add an almonds handful, 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, lemon juice to taste and to mix. To salt. To give with fried slices of bread.

you Will be in Paris, surely taste onions soup. However, the real onions soup what it was early in the morning in market quarters (you remember Belly of Paris E. Zola?) in the 19th century, maybe, not any more, but nevertheless any onions soup is magnificent. And if you turn out in Marseille how not to try some fish soup bouillabaisse. Only here, on the coast, it is prepared in due form, experts claim. But, to tell the truth, in Normandy it is not bad too. Here add nuts to it and wash down with a Calvados - strong apple vodka. Turn to Havre even if to you it not on the way - will serve you magnificent roast from a duck &ndash there; Canary Islands a la a ruaneza. Or small appetizing sausages anduy. Yes any town you will be always found, than to treat. For example, snails in &ndash wine; what gentle taste! And well-known oysters! And frog legs which our many tribespeople already tasted in Moscow and other cities. Notice, they were trained, as a rule, not by French. And it as speak in Odessa, two big differences.

Speak, once asked some monsieur: What you will desire to eat an asparagus with, monsieur? The monsieur was a gourmet and answered shortly: With awe! Yes, this queen of vegetables, with sauce bechamel and grated cheese slightly baked differently as with awe is it is impossible (it is a pity that this vegetable does not get accustomed at us). But true gourmets eat with the same feeling practically any dish of great French Masters.

I will only mention the well-known French wines, magnificent champagne, divine drink &ndash cognac; these finest additions to French cuisine because it is already absolutely other Song. And I will wish you much - many fine meetings with it really wonderful and inexhaustible, always new and always tasty, really ingenious creation of the French people - Great French cuisine!

Learn and fall in love with French cuisine!

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