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How to create new information base in the program 1s:bukhgalteriya?

are frequent at users of the 1C program there is a need of creation of new information base ( of IB ). As a rule, at the same time searches of the programmer / the system administrator begin. And meanwhile, this procedure is rather simple and can be executed by the user.

For this purpose:

1. Create the new folder with intuitively clear name of new base. And it is possible to create the folder in any convenient place, for example, in a disk C: root.

2. Find the file of a configuration 1CV7. MD (look for in the catalog of the 1C program - by default - C: / Program Files/1Cv77/) and V7PLUS files. DLL and V7Plus. als.

3. Copy these files in the catalog created by you.

4. Start the 1C program . In the " window; Start 1C click the " button; To Add . The " window will open; Registration of Information " Base;.

5. In the " text field; Name set intuitively clear name of the created information base.

6. Click the " button; to the right of the " text field; Way .

7. In the opened " dialog box; Choice of the " catalog; find the created catalog, select it with click of the left button of a mouse and press the " button; To Choose .

8. Press of OK in the " window; Registration of Information " Base;.

9. In the " window; Start 1C of IB added by us is allocated now. Above in the revealing " list; In the " mode; choose Configurator - OK .

10. In the opened " dialog box; Choice of a format of data storage the " switch is by default installed; Files *. DBF, *. CDX . Press of OK . It will be started Configurator .

11. Open the menu Designers - the New report In the opened " dialog box; Designer Otcheta press Further - Further - It is ready .

12. Close the " window; The Form - the Report. novyy1 . In the " window; Configuration remove just created report novyy1 having confirmed removal.

13. Close the " window; Configuration . In the appeared " dialog box; Configurator - on inquiry To Execute preservation of metadata? - press Yes .

14. In the appeared " dialog box; Configurator - on inquiry There is no old dictionary of data! To continue? - press Yes .

15. In the " dialog box; Reorganization of information press To Accept - OK .

16. Close Configurator . It is possible to work with new IB .

Standard contents of the IB catalog :

ExtForms (the catalog with files of external reports, printing forms, accounting reports, etc. external modules)

of ExtDb (the catalog with files of qualifiers: KLADR, BIC)

of UsrDef (the catalog with the file of the list of users of users. usr)

of SYSLOG (the catalog with files of the magazine of registration of actions of users 1cv7. mlg and 1cv7evt. txt)

of NEW_STRU (the catalog of a backup copy of the previous configuration and tables before change)

1CV7. MD (file of a configuration)

1Cv7. DD (file of the dictionary of the database)

1Cv7. CFG (settings of forms and the values which are written down by the operator Sokhranitznacheniye)

*. CDX (index files)

*. DBF (tables with data)

*. ert (files of external reports and processings)

*. mxl (files of the kept printing forms)

*. spl (files of templates of a copy-book of currencies)

*. xml (files of an exchange and unloading)

of CJ*. DBF and CJ*. CDX (requisites of Magazines of calculations)

of DH*. DBF and DH*. CDX (requisites shapochny parts of documents)

of DT*. DBF and DT*. CDX (requisites of tabular part of documents)

of RA*. DBF and RA*. CDX (movements of registers)

of RG*. DBF and RG*. CDX (results of registers)

of SC*. DBF and SC*. CDX (requisites of Reference books)

1SSYSTEM. DBF (information on the current date and time, relevance point)

1SCONST. DBF (value of constants and periodic requisites of documents)

1SUSERS. DBF (network users of a configuration)

1SJOURN. DBF (all Magazines)

1SCRDOC. DBF (structure of subordination of documents)

1SSTREAM. DBF (sequence of documents)

1SACCS. DBF (list of business accounts of all books of accounts)

1SOPER. DBF (all operations created by documents)

1SENTRY. DBF (all conductings created by documents)

1SCORENT. DBF (list of correct conductings)

1STOPER. DBF (reference book of standard operations)

1cv7Main. tip (the text output in dialogue Councils of day )

of V7PLUS. DLL and V7Plus. als (V7Plus component)

*. ocx *. dll (drivers and external components)

of All to you kind!