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How to keep data in the program 1s:bukhgalteriya?

For backup of information bases widely known in wide accounting circles of the 1C program in the automatic mode exist various programs, but it is better to keep this process under control. For example, to take for the rule, every morning before work with the 1C program to start Configurator and to create the archival copy of base.

Having the fresh copy of base, you will be able always to restore data (at the time of creation of the copy) even after crash of the program and reinstallation of an operating system. You can also connect base from the archival copy on other personal computer, for example, on house.

How to archive bases, or Rescue of drowning - work drowning

1. Start the 1C program . In the " dialog box; Start 1C in the revealing " list; In the " mode; choose Configurator . In the " text field; Information " bases; choose the necessary base - of OK . It will be started Configurator .

2. Choose the Administration menu - to Keep data In the opened " dialog box; Saving data - in the " text field; The Saved " files; - are by default chosen:

*. DBF

1CV7. DD

1CV7. MD




ExtForms / *. ert

At desire (or if necessary) can add the archived files, having clicked on the " button; To Add .

3. Below to the right of the " text field; To Keep in click the " button; - the " dialog box will open; To Keep archive as - choose the place of preservation of archive (a name of archive by default 1Cv7. zip, but you can change it, for example, specifying in a name of archive the current date). If the archive with such name already exists, the " dialog box will open; Configurator with the message: At a disk there is a file with a name of archive. It is created:. It is modified:. You want to rewrite it? Yes/no . The archive of the chosen base 1Cv7 will be created. zip.

4. The " dialog box will appear; Saving data with the message: Preservation is complete. Volume of archive:. Quantity of parts of archive:. Close two " windows; Saving data . Close Configurator .

How to restore data of information base

1. For recovery of data of information base from the archive kept earlier start the 1C program in the " mode; Configurator (see above).

2. Choose the Administration menu - to Restore data In the opened " dialog box; Recovery of data click on the " button; (located to the right of the " text field; To Restore from " archive;) open the " dialog box; To Restore from " archive;. Choose the file 1Cv7. zip - to Open - to Restore .


1. It is not recommended to interrupt process of recovery of information of archive as in this case the database will be restored not completely and, most likely, it will be disabled.

2. Restoration of IB from the archival copy is made in the catalog from the current IB, and all its contents will be replaced with information from the archival copy. Therefore before restoration check what IB is chosen current.

3. If you do not feel like rather prepared user of the program, - entrust work with IB to experts!

All to you kind!