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How to control the life? Introduction of

You who?

How you will describe yourself if somebody asks you this question? What you will begin with? From appearance, the status in society, traits of character, personal achievements? No matter. You know yourself rather well to answer qualitatively. You know, than differ from other people, and than are similar to them. You keep at the bad and good parties, a distance, the role, the purpose. Or you think that you know. No matter.

Eventually, you just the person - and it is already enough.

But who you are for yourself?

Introspection, self-knowledge, self-checking - here those aspects of thought which ask us new questions of ourselves to this day. It is difficult to realize the place in the world, but it is possible, billions of our ancestors confirm it, and billions of descendants still will confirm. To realize itself, to define the attitude towards itself - here a question on one million . The philosophy, psychology, sociology and many other sciences struggle with this problem of a century.

So far only one is clear: if you do not ask this question, at you everything is all right. You harmoniously get on with yourself. As health - when it is, do not think of it. But you read these lines, so something in itself disturbs you, otherwise you would not become interested even in the name of article.

You consider what disturbs nothing, and you decided to read article for the sake of interest, self-development or criticism? Then wonder: whether is in your life of business which you push on a background, hoping that they will decide by itself or someone will take another and will make them for you? I think, is. At me is precisely. We clean these affairs from an attention zone, leaving them to subconsciousness. And it is dangerous.

Perhaps, it will seem banality, but conscientious attitude to the life - here what does it saturated and interesting, forces you to accept the events " around; closely to heart . However, any banality is known and everything the bothered truth long ago. Yes, a conscientious attitude and, responsibility for the actions, but how it concerns to me? I control myself - you will tell and you will not be mistaken. But there is one but.

Each person has the manners and habits. It is possible to tell even that the person consists of habits. Some of them are brought up in the childhood, some are acquired during life, some are developed specially, the person. Our habits define our personal efficiency. The person who got used to clean up is more effective than the person, to it not accustomed.

But the number of various rules, the principles, templates, habits and reflexes such is that cannot be realized in full; in other words, you cannot operate all this bulk of information at the same time. More precisely, it cannot do your consciousness as long ago it is known that it keeps in itself at the same time only 7 - 9 objects a maximum, the bigger amount of objects reduces concentration and reduces efficiency. Subconsciousness operates with our other habits. And this - that process to us is uncontrollable.

At the modern person life is arranged so that there is always a choice, there are always options. Often these options are incomparable or, on the contrary, are equivalent so we are at a loss in the choice. In addition, the rhythm of today`s life is so prompt that chosen today good the option quite can become " tomorrow; bad . As a result the many people have no accurately definite purposes, reliable knowledge, the expressed aspirations - that support which is necessary for subconsciousness work. Its work is inefficient without this support.

Let`s check. Try to write on a leaf your life priorities now, the list put, executed in a week, 3 favourite dishes and definition of the word sign . This task for certain will seem to you difficult and expensive on time though finally and it will be solved: you remember, compare and you will choose the most important. There is a question: and how you lived to the solution of this task, really at random? No, just those processes which you used for its decision in routine of life your subconsciousness operates. Also operates inefficiently, time you issued the solution of a simple task in the head not at once.

We are adults, and there is no need to prove that the fact that for us it is not effective, maybe is dangerous. I will tell only that any dangerous thing has simple and effective option of control - elimination from our life. Any, except subconsciousness, because it - part of our reason. We cannot eliminate ourselves. And time we cannot, we will go some other way.

We will learn to control ourselves.