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What are toy problems?

of the Toy are a property and in some way small wealth of our children. As often to them happens it is a pity to share the toy with the peer, but at the same time, unfortunately, often these treasures just miss the owners. Why children do not play toys or apply them not to destination? Let`s try to consider some reasons of such behavior.

In our aspiration to give to the child the best and as much as possible we sometimes go to far. It is possible to force all nursery toys, but the child will not play at the same time them. Therefore the quantity does not play such a large role. How these toys are picked up is much more important.

First of all it is necessary to pick up them according to age. In - the second, boys should not buy only cars, and to girls only of dolls even if at first sight and it seems to you that these toys are pleasant to them. There has to be a variety. If your little son has twenty cars, even the most various, all of them equally will cease to interest him soon. Choosing toys for the child, pay attention and to of what material they are made. To the touch and in a toy form have to be by all means different too.

Sorting toy a subject, it is also worth talking and about how to accustom the child to careful attitude to toys. By the nature our children are curious, and quite often this curiosity leads to what to them by all means the soft bear cub wants to glance inside or to check whether the car on three wheels instead of put four will be able to go? And on two? You learn these justifications, heard such? It was necessary to me. Such is their curiosity. Guards more when the child begins to break toys from harm . That actually this harm is? The satiation or a stress can be the cause of such behavior.

If the child is satiated because that you excessively indulge him, then he forms logical regularity: I Break this toy - I receive new . The satiation rather simply is treated. For a start try to clean for a while some toys that it was simpler to child to deal with what he has. Besides and old toys after time can seem interesting when long ago you do not play them. And further, buying toys, be guided by sense of proportion.

If your child is aggressive, breaks toys, the reason in the internal tension or a stress does not get on with peers, then, most likely. Suppressing the negative experience in real life, the child vents it in game where he main and decides how to play it. Parents should pay attention to of what impressions there is a life experience at the child. Proceeding from it its character will be built up.

Well, and of course, most pleasant . And that at us pleasant it is connected with toys? Correctly - as to move away them. Of course, to play them it is so remarkable, and here cleaning, as a rule, does not cause delight. The most effective method for my children is to praise them, to call assistants. Usually works. But in certain cases it is worth dividing so unpleasant business together with them. Thus, it will be restored full justice in children`s concept. When it should collect everything to one, it can be perceived as punishment, and cleaning toys together, you show attention. And to whom the attention is not pleasant?

Here also it turns out that toys - not toy problem. But there are no such problems, as we know, which cannot be solved.