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Where to find the destiny? Acquaintance to dream of

Life under the sun is so fine that even if for absolutely entire happiness there is not enough hand of darling in yours - life is too short to shed tears about it. Well so, forward - on searches of princes (and queens)? From where we will begin? So, we will look...

He recognizes you from one thousand (probability - 0,001%)

Love at first sight, of course, exist. But not always, if your views met, means - it is it (or it). Love, even such spontaneous as at first sight, it is necessary at least slightly - slightly logicians to become the truth. Therefore if you come to its concert in Olympic it is unlikely he looks only at you from a scene eyes in love. However, for 99,9% of logic there is always a thousand share of incredibility. That is, probabilities that the object of dream will find you in populous crowd.

The love goes on wires (1%)

the Mass of people at the moments of loneliness hang on the Internet. It is quite good: it is possible to keep the diary on LJ, to write the letter to the friend, to chat in ICQ with virtual acquaintances or to get acquainted with somebody in a chat. Only it is worth knowing that often such meetings are disappointment. However, in 1% of cases of people can meet expectations.

Street, persons... to neither you, nor her it is not slept... (20%)

City romantics try to discover the same young ladies with smiles on faces. However, street heroes seldom have imagination for something more, than: The Girl, it is possible to get acquainted with you? Some especially gallant gentlemen catch up on the street with the bouquet bought in a hurry. In reply sensitive young ladies jump aside and run away. And in vain.

At a party of the best friends (30%) a Kind third of all happy couples, statistically, do not rely to

upon a case share in search of destiny. The logic is simple: Friends of my friends are my friends . Therefore you can safely rely on ability of the schoolmate to surround yourself with the best people on light and to stamp vigorously on its birthday. It is proved: at friendly parties there are most fatal meetings.

Impossible is nothing! (100%)

... to meet in the most unexpected place. My memory stores fantastic cases of acquaintances in such places as: library, shop, hairdressing salon, hospital, bus, plane... and even church!

Mistakes at acquaintance:

- Too quickly to escape

- to Give instead of the number of the friend or girlfriend (even if you without cellular, think up something) to

- to Put on a cold and indifferent look

- to Take a sip beer from a bottle

- to Allow rough lexicon

- to Lie about age or about something.