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How all - to understand this soccer? Ole, Ole, Ole`s

! Admit to

- you never wanted to study all subtleties of soccer? At least not to ask every time if you with darling at stadium (and at least in front of the TV): And who for ours? And in what the red card differs from yellow? And why this handsome man in a blue undershirt left the field? So for what to fall in love with soccer?

In - the first, it is beautiful!

it is valid, difficult to b to understand

that forces fans of teams to break drinks on each duel of idols. And even if your fan managed to drag you on the game Krasnaya Presnya against Petrochemist where you fell asleep from boredom, you should not draw from this a sad conclusion about quality of all world soccer. There are at least two events during which it is worth paying attention to the guys driving a ball. It is the World Cup and the European Football Championship.

Learn to watch football, and to look there, believe, is on what. The simply and primitive - you can examine football players. At the same time consider that the main sex - a planet symbol - David Beckham - the football player. But also many colleagues of Beckham the appearance prove that interrelation football player - beautifully exists. In - the second, it is enough though slightly - slightly to be involved in game to understand why to a good few of mankind to watch this show far more interestingly, than adventures of heroes next Clone and even " Factories;. It is optional to be down on to rules to derive pleasure from a show: just present that the ball between participants of team moves as if on an invisible thread. The thread is broken off when the ball is intercepted by the team player of the opponent. And in how it becomes technically - all counter.

Learn to be ill

Who ours?

When viewing a match together with the boyfriend the most inexcusable mistake which you can allow is a question: And ours in white or in red? Try at the beginning of a match silently and to watch closely the events on the screen (in the field), paying attention to the following: when guys begin to howl desperately and when - enthusiastically to shout? If the shouts reaching when transporting a ball to gate - victorious, know - attack ours. And if the shouts encouraging the football player running to gate, disturbing and not joyful - over ours threat hung (and so, everything is primitive...) Now remember in what they to a form, and support them at the difficult moments of a match by approving shouts of type: Give! Forward! Super! . The feeling of gratitude of the guy to you who estimated his favourite action - football fight, - will overstep any limits. It will be necessary to wait for the end of soccer, to organize a dinner, to stroke darling on the head, to kiss on a nose, to encourage in case of an adverse match or to share enthusiasm concerning a victory - and all. Now he loves you strongly, more than ever.

Who ours, if all foreigners? Carefully take an interest in

at fans whom they support - Germans or Dutches? It is not a shame to ask why: it is possible if Germans win, ours play the next match with them, and it is not the best option in respect of strength of the opponent. Quietly take into consideration and support Dutches. If in the field football players from the former Soviet republics, for example, the national team of Latvia, it is accepted to support them. Almost ours!