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Where to learn a foreign language? And what for?

Today in our country a huge number of the foreign companies. It is no secret that in many of them than a working condition and compensation it is much better, than in Russian. However often even highly qualified specialists cannot apply for positions in the foreign companies as one of indispensable conditions of employment - knowledge of a foreign language. If you graduated from language higher education institution, you the lucky: before you the question of the choice of a language course which quantity is so huge today that the unsophisticated person can almost not orient is not necessary. However unless there is something impossible for the person with intelligence? Let`s try to understand.

It is extremely important to understand for what you learn language and what capital of knowledge you already possess.

Situation the first. you do not know language at all.

In my opinion, here it is worth reflecting seriously whether it is necessary to be got involved in general in this business. If language is surely necessary to you on work, it is better to employ the tutor which from scratch and according to your specific features will develop for you the program. If you just want to learn just in case - such invention in 90 percent of cases is doomed to a failure. At mature age when training the motivation is very important. Otherwise already through a two-three of weeks initial interest will begin to decline, and you will be even more often to hammer on occupations and to ignore homeworks. Isn`t that so, here it is a pity for both own efforts, and efforts of the teacher?.

Situation the second. you learned language at school and, very superficially, at institute. Something you understand

, but you cannot speak almost. If language is necessary to you to communicate with business partners on banquets or to resolve small issues by phone, it is better to go to the courses intensiva where training happens during two - three weeks, and students quickly gather lexicon and remove a language barrier, practically without going deep into grammar. If you want to do without translator at important negotiations over time, it is better to go to serious courses where to you, by the way, and the certificate corresponding will be issued, but be ready that it will involve from you considerable time and intellectual expenditure.

Situation the third. At you quite good knowledge, but you do not use them.

at the same time you live with consciousness that you know language, and at any time if necessary you will be able to support conversation. And here you suddenly have an opportunity to have interview in the foreign company on a position of your dream. On interview ask you a question in a foreign language. And you understand that you cannot answer nothing! Language - the cunning phenomenon. Without daily practice it leaves from us very quickly. Therefore to you it is necessary or to support him at least by elementary viewing of movies without the translation or to look for meetings with native speakers in special speaker - clubs, or, elementary, to make to itself cribs on certain subjects, and before responsible actions to look through them, refreshing in memory a lexicon on the necessary subject. If interview is necessary to you, just be not too lazy to learn by heart ten especially beautiful phrases! I will open a small secret: very often in the foreign companies the foreign language is only a barrier on an entrance, that is, it is necessary to have interview, but in work is practically not used.

And the last: do not give themselves to deceive! Unfortunately, as practically in any sphere of life, it is possible to face nonprofessionals. Before stopping the choice on a certain educational institution, it is better to consult to the people who were already trained there, to read responses at forums etc. As for tutors, they long since can be transferred from hand to hand . Ask acquaintances - for certain someone from them or their relatives learned language in due time and will be able to give you coordinates of the reliable person!