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From what the " ferry died; Estonia ? Ghosts of the seas

For all great history of navigation, undoubtedly, there were many sea accidents under mysterious circumstances. Crash of the " ferry also belongs to such cases; Estonia which occurred in the night of September 28, 1994 - go years in the Baltic Sea. The ferry following from Tallinn to Stockholm did not reach the place of the appointment, and disappeared in the sea abyss. As a result of the tragedy 852 passengers died, and only 137 people escaped.

About this tragedy it is told and it was written much, however still in this case there are more questions, than answers. Right after the tragedy the international commission of the countries of Sweden, Estonia and Finland for investigation of death of the ferry was created. So the official conclusion to which experts came then sounds: from - for strong blows of waves on Estonia the locking device of a nasal vizor (lifting surface part of the ferry) therefore there was unprotected from water penetration a ramp of the automobile deck owing to what in the ferry within several minutes thousands of tons of outside water which carried away in fifty minutes the vessel to the abyss of the sea " rushed was damaged;.

The commission investigating death of the ferry accused of malfunctions with a vizor the German shipbuilding company Meyer Werft which manufactured the ferry in 1980.

the Indignant Germans who were always famous for quality of shipbuilding made own investigation which conclusions were unambiguous: the facts of one more hole are perfectly known to commission of inquiry, however they hide it as military secret. Those who prepared and read the official version extremely are not interested in publication of these facts .

Place of death Estonia it was declared by the place of burial, and specially adopted international agreement forbade to conduct any researches there. Nevertheless, TV reporters of one of the German TV companies and the American businessman Grek Bemes ventured expedition to the place where the ferry sank, with the purpose to record on a damage film on its case.

First of all, journalists studied a condition of the ferry below a waterline. The most part of a film which they managed to finish shooting appeared excellent quality (while former shootings of the official commission were oddly extremely indistinct). In operating time under water divers also for the first time took sample of metal from a ferry covering. The huge number of the corpses scattered around the case of the vessel was one of the most gloomy finds. Around personal belongings, mobile phones, furniture fragments rolled. According to the official version, no bodies at the bottom existed - both the Swedish government, and the international commission declared that all dead are found in the vessel, to lift upward and to bury there is nobody.

Jutta Rabe

the German journalist and the producer Jutta Rabe did not believe the official version of death of the ferry at once. She participated in underwater expedition. It wrote the book about death of the ferry and a feature film " is shot; Baltic storm . The main version of death of the ferry in the movie - explosion onboard.

The survived passengers demonstrated more than once that heard clear explosion onboard, however the commission of inquiry considered that this sound was caused by blow of a vizor about a board. After underwater expedition transferred to the German experts for research two metal fragments of the ferry which were lifted from a bottom of the Baltic Sea and they found on them explosion traces. Data on explosion were confirmed soon by the American and English experts.

During investigations also the fact that onboard sunk " emerged; Estonia the Russian weapon was several times transported. However it was not a ferry cause of death.

According to the former Swedish customs officer Lennart Hendrikson, the Swedish customs by order of the top management did not check freight of some cars which arrived on the Estonian ferries. In January, 2006 - go years the Swedish government commission confirmed that the ferry was used for transportation of military equipment. But Swedes claimed that in day the death of the ferry onboard the weapon was not.

Besides, the deputy Evelyn Sepp claims that the Estonian officials perfectly knew that on Estonia the Russian military equipment is transported and that responsibility for the organization of transportation of the weapon directly lies on being the prime minister - the minister Marta Lara. Lahr prefers to keep silent.

The former head of the Swedish military intelligence of MUST general - the major Eric Rozander also declared that military equipment on the " ferry; Estonia it was transported at the request of the Estonian side.

To reveal a secret of death of the ferry, it is advisable to continue search of the people who were mysteriously gone during accident including the second captain Estonia Avo Pikhta. In the morning on September 28 being in Rostock the colleague captain Pikht saw it in transfer of news of local television leaving the minibus at hospital of Turkusky university. Doctor of the vessel Diana - II Ayvar Kaur, the warehouse manager Ann Lyaene, the manager of ship shop Rayvo Martinson and the manager of ship hotel Tyna Polakes confirmed that they learned in the plot shown in video the person Pikhta. In the evening of the same day the shot with Pikht during repetition of a plot from it disappeared. In the morning on September 28 the name Fir turned out also in the first lists rescued and with a mark that the captain is in hospital of Turkusky university. Later the name Fir from lists was gone.

Besides, recently it became clear that from archives of the Swedish department of navigation the video film of 1996 - go years on which the sunk ferry was removed and that one of members of the joint commission threw out a material evidence in the sea mysteriously disappeared.

It is known that soon after accident a certain businessman ordered to divers to get from the sunk " ferry; Estonia the mysterious small suitcase which remained in a cabin of the captain Avo Pikht. It confirms the version of death of the ferry to which the German journalist Jutta Rabe adheres. In the book about death Estonia she writes that divers looked for several hours some small suitcase in cabins and wrote down the course of searches on a video film. On written down in December, 1994 - go years clearly it is visible to a film how divers enter several cabins and, at last, find a small suitcase in a cabin 6230.

More than 11 thousand signatures of people who want to learn the truth and agree to a raising of the sunk ferry are already collected, however it is too expensive operation, and, besides, someone obviously does not wish that secret, buried on Estonia suddenly became obvious. Well, it is necessary only to wait.