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Whether it is easy to be the giant?

on February 22, 1918 in Olton (State of Illinois) in Uodlou`s family, the ordinary people who had average height was born the firstborn who was named Robert Pershing. Weight it had slightly more average - about 3,8 kg, but for the rest differed in nothing from other babies. Some time he was an ordinary child, but then, something clicked in a hypophysis of the kid, and it began to grow promptly.

Today opinions on what was an incitement to rapid growth are shared. One scientists say that unsuccessfully performed operation on removal of double hernia made at the age of 2,5 years is the reason. Others do not agree: the pier, till four years the child differed in nothing from peers, and violations began as the response to jealousy which overwhelmed the kid after the birth of the brother and the little sister. Approximately since four years Robert realized that he superfluous and that in a family of kids love much more, than him. Such here reaction!

But anyway, and in 8 years it had already height of 188 cm, then having added within two years about 20 cm

of Robert gave to study in usual school, his schoolmates very much were proud of the fact that with them such giant studies. And no wonder: by 18 years it gained already 2,54 m

That it was more clear, look, please, at a ceiling of own apartment. Its usual height makes just 250 - 255 cm. This guy would rest the top against a ceiling!

It was not required to study further. Since 1936, Robert together with circus visited many American cities and everywhere he was met as national hero. Of course, the greatest interest in the guy was shown by scouts of basketball teams, but their dreams are not fated to come true - the highest at that time the person of the planet began to have problems with legs so about basketball there could not be also a speech. Instead of an orange ball Robert received crutches - it was harder and harder for it to do without them: blood did not manage to circulate on so big circle of blood circulation and the lower extremities began to lose sensitivity.

On June 27, 1940 Robert Pershing Uodlou arrived to Saint - Luis where to him suggested to make measurements once again. Doctor Charlz, professor of anatomy of Medical school of the Washington university from Missouri and doctor Cyril McBride made all with special care as if had a presentiment of bad. Growth was 2,74 cm, weight about 222 kg.

It is possible if Robert would stay at home, but did not drive about, nothing terrible would occur. But in that is continually that it very much liked to be the focus of attention, he was always benevolent and got the nickname Kind giant .

The first call of the approaching trouble sounded on July 4 same 1940 when during performance on an Independence Day case in Manisti, the State of Michigan, a crutch rubbed Robert`s anklebone. First aid was given right there, having for some reason imposed a bandage, and very hardly. From - for it there was a fabric necrosis.

It would seem that here special? But not for the giant. Very quickly sepsis, blood poisoning began to develop. And though physicians did everything possible to rescue the guy and even repeatedly transfused him blood, but in the morning on July 15 when entered Robert`s number, the giant was already dead.

Uodlou`s funeral were similar to show: 40 thousand Americans with curiosity transferred each other baizes supposedly the coffin it weighs half-tons. Yes, it is valid, it was very decent sizes - 328 centimeters long, 81 centimeter wide and 76 centimeters in depth. And he was carried by 12 people.

Robert`s parents had one desire - to make so that remains of their unfortunate son did not become a fun for scientists and grave-diggers. After the coffin was lowered in a grave, it was carefully concreted. And the monument was put twice above those that were on this cemetery.

It is necessary to add that Robert Pershing Uodlou is officially brought in the Guinness Book of Records as the most tall person living ever on Earth.

However, it is not indisputable. Because in the Russian book of records Belarusian Fedor Makhnov who died in 5,5 years prior to birth of Uodlou is considered the highest. Fedor Makhnov`s growth made 285 cm! On it there are at least three references: in the " magazine; Scientific data and life for 1970, in the book Life French biologist Jean of Rostan. Used this information in the story The Island of the lost ships science fiction writer Alexander Belyaev.

Moreover, even the approximate diet of the Russian Gulliver remained. At breakfast he usually ate fifteen hard-boiled eggs with 6 - 8 chunks of bread, washing down all with 2 liters of milk or tea. At midday it was given kilogram of fried meat, it is more than a kilogram of potatoes, a kilogram of bread and a bottle of beer. During the lunchtime, about 4 hours p.m., it with appetite navorachivat 3 - 4 bowls of soup, washing down all with beer. The dinner was similar to a breakfast.

Ya tried to count how many days there can live on a one-day diet of Makhnov my family of 4 people. I think, two - three days we safely would stretch!

Women fell short of such huge growth. But once, at the beginning of 90 - x years I was attached in line for tomatoes in one of the Riga markets. To pass away time, some detective read. And suddenly some female voice asked behind: The Man, I for you will be?

Something intuitive forced me to look back. And right there the book dropped out at me of hands. The woman was higher than me on two heads and obviously outgrew 2 meters!

- I know only one such tall woman. This is Ulyana Semenova from the TTT basketball club. You, probably, higher?

- Just the same! Because it I also am!

Here and took place our acquaintance which I, however, was ashamed to support.

And in general, on life, growth has very much no basic value. And though girls want to see the elects slender young men, and young men of not less slender girls, the golden rule works: if only the person was good. Both Robert Pershing, and Fedor Makhnov were very kind people. Let`s study this quality at them!