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What is youthful maximalism?

the Junior pursuit of the most beautiful girl, of the most prestigious work, of the best food, of the best clothes

Maximalism are an extreme in any requirements, in views (when either everything, or anything when claims to everything - the world, life, people are excessively overestimated). It is some kind of characteristic of approach to the solution of certain problems, uncompromising stand in the choice of measures, the actions urged to bring closer as much as possible a goal.

The youthful maximalism is peculiar to a certain age category. When you feel in yourself forces to argue with all, arguing own point of view (certainly, the most correct). And the most important - in a scale of values of the young man only two extreme points of view - either black, or white. There are no half tones, there is no middle. These strange adults complicate everything eternally, confuse, do not understand. We so will not live! Also the young soul in the sea of misunderstanding rushes about. All this is fervor peculiar to youth, youthful egoism, lack of experience and flexibility of thinking.

In what it is shown?

In desire to have VSE and SRAZU, to jump above the head to fight with all and against all, to protest, be unusual and unique, to differ from the others in the outlook. To prove to people around that not poorly :

to estimate the weight of a motor boat and to try it to pull together ;

to visit pancakes on a bar and, lifting, to fail with it;

to drink a floor - vodka liter in a volley;

to overtake the bus going from one stop to another;

to bring it to 12 orgasms in a row;

to drive the car of 12 hours without stopping, without having the rights;

to work, study, to visit night clubs and discos, having on a dream two hours a day;

to go to work on Sunday!

It is dangerous?

the Maximalism can become good incentive for achievement of the treasured purposes (the purpose is set it is more and further because it is carried out percent on seventy), with its loss hands begin to fall, the desirable ceases to seem possible.

of People is beautiful in extremes. Youthful maximalism - the privilege healthy, young and vigorous. The privilege is not given in vain, it is some kind of advance payment. It fine helps young people to break through with ours sometimes a difficult life. It is a new view on old problems. The youthful maximalism takes the form of the such impudence shocking people around and allowing youths to reach heights which they did not deserve, but which will be able to hold if there is enough mind and endurance.

It will pass?

Unfortunately or fortunately - the youthful maximalism passes with age. It is a consequence of the cloudless childhood. In youth self-confidence reaches the maximum point, as well as desire to be allocated, ego-trip by all means. There is still a children`s naivety and nonsense, inexperience in combination with huge ambitions! All it seems possible!

After reality few times will hit on the head, everything will rise on the places. Life places all points over i and much happens ridiculously and it is a shame to remember himself in youth.

Than to treat? Often the maximalism is shown by

also at mature age, then it turns into silly obstinacy, unsociability and unwillingness to listen to opinion of people around.

In this case needs to be UNDERSTOOD that it of versions of the solution of any problem is much bigger two that not always the opinion of the person can be objective that tolerance to others shortcomings - not defect, and advantage.

With age we become more pliable, at first a little passive, and there nearby and to indifference. Let in everyone there will be a chutochka of youthful maximalism for sharpness of perception of life.