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How to cut down the expenses?

Trimming expenses is not just a set of councils. Make it for time (or forever if it is pleasant) the new lifestyle. Change a habit to spend for a habit to keep. Feel pleasure not from momentary irrational purchases, and from systematic preservation and enhancement. Also do not consider it as petty economy. How many such trifle can cost to you, I think, you already understood!

you Pay in cash. Considering that recently at us credit and debit plastic cards gain ground, this council becomes more actual. When you spend cash, it strains stronger. As a result you spend 12 - 18% less.

do not hurry to pay !

It is quite possible to b to use the barter scheme or to render service for service.

do not hesitate to buy the things which were in the use. Even millionaires do not hesitate to do it. They would buy for $18000 from the reliable jeweler / from Rolex, costing $38000. Quite so they also become millionaires.

Bargain. the Small discount in the price is all the same favorable to the owner of business. Also you remember - the bargaining with the taxi driver during 3 - x minutes makes for you profit in 1 dollar. And it is, maybe, the whole hour of your life!

you bring to of Times in a week (month) a lunch with yourself in office instead of having dinner in cafe (150 rubles - business - a lunch in Moscow costs an average). By the way, you can sometimes hunger. Besides for health it is useful.

Save on entertainments. Take in hire (buy) a DVD disk instead of going to movie theater. And the priest - Korn who it is possible to prepare in the microwave oven - an oven costs only 20 rubles.

Wash the car on more rare once a month.

Choose to yourself an optimum tariff plan for talk by the mobile phone. And at travel for long distance calls instead of the mobile phone it is cheaper to use special telephone cards or to buy SIM - cards on the place.

For purchase of clothes use a drain - the centers. In them you will find the same, as in boutiques, but at the smaller price.

Several councils for purchases in supermarkets:

you will spend less if you go to a supermarket one and early in the morning. So you will better concentrate on your real requirements and, without being late from - for a large number of the people, will bypass all shop. Besides, many supermarkets (for example, New Arbat ) allow a discount upon purchases in the morning.

you, probably, know that you buy more products if are hungry. And whether you know that if the person was tired, then more sweet and containing many carbohydrates buys if he is angry and angry - that makes the choice for various chips and the fact that Americans call junk food? In a word, you want to spend less - you go to shop full and happy.

you do not pay for a brand. Always it is possible to find less expensive goods with the quality satisfying you. For example, at the moment in the " network; Ramstor there were goods (juice, milk etc.) under a trademark of the network which cost 30% cheaper, than goods under the known brands.

sometimes it is cheaper to span to buy Fruit and vegetables in the next market, than in a supermarket. Besides, try to buy for what at present a season.

Buy in supermarkets only products. And frying pans, toys, Eferalgan or buy toothpaste in specialized places.

Buy only what you really consume. According to, for example, Department of Agriculture of the USA, people on average spend for 10% more money intended on purchase of food just buying what will never be used and will throw out directly in a recycle bin.

Try to save on gasoline , having used everything the famous, but not really followed rules:

do not do sharp accelerations and braking. Try to go as it is possible more smoothly. Adhere to a quiet rhythm of the movement.

Observe the high-speed mode. The most economy mode the movement at a speed of 90 km/h on the fifth transfer is considered.

serve the car In time. Timely replacement only of the air filter will allow to save up to 10% of fuel. Installation of the recommended pressure in tires will help to keep another 10%.

Use the conditioner only when it is really necessary. At the working conditioner the consumption of gasoline can increase by 15%.

And on sweet - four general principles of introduction of " style; reasonable consumption :

Look for ways of economy in those categories of expenses which make the most part of your expenditure.

Choose for yourself two - three acceptable methods and concentrate on them. It often happens enough to save up to 10% of your means.

what was not spent - keep at once in a separate moneybox. Every time, wishing to spend excess dollar, remember about the half-received $50000!

be not engaged self-deprivation your purpose - psychologically comfortable economy.