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Why people do not save, or Show off more expensively than money? To Save

- sounds it is not really new and, especially, not really excitingly isn`t it? However, it is not necessary to hurry as companion Saakhov spoke. Let`s better try to understand - in what business? Why people do not save?

And so, people on Earth billions, but the reasons for which seldom who saves - not so much. Experts and analysts incline that their of everything four. And it is not important, what is your name - Petya Vasechkin, Mikka Pikkinen or in general Kerri Bradshaw - the reasons at all same.

I will earn sometime therefore there is no sense to save

Oh, yes! The legend is fresh Where you still - that were? However, even if you will earn, then consider one little, but very proud birdie oh, that is, an important detail. Your requirements and expenses grow in proportion to your income. I Think, you and noticed it - for yourself and behind the inner circle. If you cannot correct now a situation with money, then what - thus it will improve in the future? The wizard in the blue helicopter Will arrive suddenly and will free of charge show cinema ?

In the world and already and at us in Russia, hundreds of people earn indecently large sums. Nevertheless, everything that they have - it is debts! Everything that can be heard from them - We lack Money! . It is actually very important thought. Remember: everything that people who do not save have - it is debts. And even at all there is nothing, even debts! Because they waste all money.

The wealth is born in the moment when you begin to spend less, than earn. And just because you are not able to keep earned, you are not called by Warren Buffett, Verner Simens, Bill Gates, Adam Opel, Heinrich Nestle or some other beautiful and known name. Oh well! - you will tell. - And here economy? He Agrees, not only the economy led them to success. But, certainly, it laid the foundation to their state.

I want to live well now, and I need all money Ugu`s

! Living well isn`t against the law! And those people who surround you want to live " too; in " chocolate;. And they need all YOUR money too! As a result ALL have your money around, and you their, is blood - gemorroyno earned, alas, is not present!

A of whom, tell, please, you love more? Yourself, beautiful, or that good person at whom you rent apartment? Though, of course, it is possible to love himself, buying a various difference which you will eat and you will forget, once you will put on, you will read and you will throw out or include three times and you will push far away on a regiment Only Chukchi not the fool, however! There is more other way!

And in general, it is difficult to save! It not for me. More precisely, it is not important for me!

Really? And who told what will be easy? Life is such! it is difficult for All. But you - not all? Successful people are those who do things absolutely unacceptable for normal people. They, happens, live, refusing to themselves many things though to most of ordinary people enough to begin it is simple to cease to do visibility of possession of big money. show off as we know, is more expensive than money!

It, eventually, will give nothing. All the same all will burn through you are right

! Life in general harmful piece - die of it! pads Put and floated on a current of the dairy river among a land of milk and honey in the future is lighter. Perhaps it is worth thinking not that you are not able to do it, and HOW you are able to do it? Of course if to store all money on deposits, in these cars on destruction of money (because the percent on deposits is, as a rule, lower, than a rate of inflation), it is possible to doekonomitsya to an utter ruin. If you do as everything, then you receive the same, as all - NOTHING! Look for the way.