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What the dog a dachshund is surprising by?

Of course, the first that is evident at the sight of a dachshund, are her long body on short thick legs. Many people at the sight of a dachshund exclaim: What pretty sausage (or sausage)! . Really, the shape of a body of this dog is peculiar, but such proportions have, inherent only in this breed harmony. Therefore the dachshund never looks neither ridiculous, nor clumsy.

This breed has an old story. Short-legged and dlinnotely dogs with direct ears were represented on Ancient Egyptian frescos and in the Assyrian sculpture is more white 2 thousand years ago. The image of an undersized dog with the extended body was found in Tutmos III`S grave (1525 - 1473)

Not all know that the dachshund is, first of all, the hunting dog who is ideally adapted for work in a hole. It is applied when hunting for a beaver, an otter, a badger, a fox. Among hunting breeds there is a dachshund the small and at the same time the most brave and resolute. This short-legged doggie made of many hunters of the convinced taksyatnik. They never challenge the advantage of other dogs, but on the offer to take a puppy of other breed only grin

the Dachshund by right is considered a unique dog, other than all others.

I though the comical appearance it raises a smile, once you spend absolutely short time in the company of a dachshund, and you will involuntarily treat with full respect for her uncommon personality.

Besides, the dachshund has reputation of one of the cleverest dogs. Battling in dark and narrow space of an animal hole, she not really - that should count on the help of the owner, she relies only upon herself. From there is a fine situational thinking.

Dachshunds possess good character, are loyal, tender to people, but do not suffer that is called Wuxi - pus . Reaction on such sloppy sentimentality can be aggressive.

One more feature of a dachshund - high skill to communicate. The dog is not simply ready to thin contact with the owner, but feels an imperative need in volume. Therefore if you neglect communication with a dachshund, it will become gloomy, grumbling and suspicious. Can even arrive to spite if only you paid attention to it and talked to it.

It would be desirable to finish with words of the famous German specialist in breed Hans Luex: this dog has almost human soul, she is capable to rejoice and long, she can even die of a cardiac rupture .

Here such surprising this dog - a dachshund!