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How to write the good summary? Bases of

That such summary, knows each of us. But very few people write it correctly. In one cases we or considerably reduce summary volume, or on the contrary, intentionally we increase the number of pages, in other cases we write much, but beside the point, and actually, the summary by job search is perceived as the professional autobiography and it depends on its writing is a recipient of your summary does not see you, does not hear and is guided only by what you about yourself also wrote. Information has to be exhaustive and sufficient.

We will begin with what well written summary allows to achieve:

1. You have much more chances to pass the first selection round at its hit in an electronic box of department of personnel

2. The share of probability that you should not fill in the questionnaire of the potential employer, and it not only saving of time, but also an opportunity " increases; to slip away from a number of undesirable questions.

3. Well and certainly, it is a real opportunity to receive the desirable place.

So, we will pass, actually, to writing of the summary.

What is necessary:

Provide the small introduction About . Specify the purpose of job search and desirable vacancy. Never specify two and more vacancies. If you are an applicant to a position of the sales manager for work in fields, do not specify that you also consider option of office work - for work in fields and at office absolutely different people, with a different approach to work are necessary. The same concerns also other positions.

Specify full data on yourself: A full name, number - month - year of birth and full age, nationality, marital status

Create the section Education . Include there not only names of higher education institutions, but also surely list all courses, trainings and seminars which you ever attended even if they passed in the company and were carried out by the internal trainer. Speaking about long training, it is important to specify years of training, form of education, the profession, and it is necessary to specify in information on short-term courses the organizer, the number of days of carrying out, the trainer`s full name.

Experience . The potential employer needs to issue the list, since the last place of work. Surely include in the list including work without registration, but in that case do on this instruction. The description of one place of work has to include:

A) Name of the organization. At first the trade name is specified, and then in brackets legal)

B) the Address and phone of the

B organization) work Term in the

G organization) the Post

D) the Main achievements on this place of work

E) the Reason for leaving

Zh) Referees in this Listing organization

all points, you show to the potential employer the fullest picture. Omission is not indication of date of reception and dismissal, and also the name of the organization and a position.

Section Hobby and hobbies has to contain real data. Be not afraid to seem ridiculous, write everything as is! The hobby of the person is his inner world, open richness of the world.

Additional data . In this section you can specify and describe anything, but the section should not seem formal. Write what is really important. For example, it is possible to specify the fact that you are ready to go to the companies several test days without payment or any other similar information.

What is impossible:

When sending its e-mail or transfer in the unpacked look to leave a small square with the place for a photo, but not to provide a photo.

to Make grammatical mistakes

Registration of the summary:

the Uniform font according to all summary

the Name of each section has to be highlighted, for example, in bold type

Volume no more than 2 - x pages, are possible one and a half, but not one!

It is undesirable to specify salary level in the summary. Labor market differs in nothing from a commodity market and services and consequently, the level of a salary is a subject of the bargaining and it is wrong to put initially itself in a framework. In process auction you also define time and working conditions, and also some other aspects.

Write the summary, send and get a good job. Good luck!