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What to do if you cannot find work?

week you look for work... and can already two or the whole month... You simply are not taken, besides, anywhere if something and comes across, then offer absolutely not profile work in absolutely not the perspective companies. Whether it is worth settling where - nibud if only to find means to live? Perhaps, you should not hope for destiny, it is necessary to work and work resolutely.

In such cases needs to make the following:

- In the list of the employers offering not profile work (not profile work it when, for example, to you, to the person with legal education offer work of the secretary or office - the manager) select the perspective companies, the companies in which a large number of employees in whom there are already those positions which you would like to occupy.

- Get a job to the offered position.

- Do everything in order that you were transferred to that department or that division to which you want to get. From the first day improve the relations with this department and all his employees. Pay to their activity the greatest attention and do it so that it noticed the management. If the office - the manager with legal education penetrates into work of departments giving them a legal aid (for example if in the company there is no legal department) it will remain noticed. Through certain time you will be able to take the place either in already existing or in the created department. In this case it is necessary to consider the fact that any head with bigger pleasure will render assistance in advance of already available employee, than will take someone from outside.

- If notice your work, but do not offer any prospect, ask about prospect. Often the rabotatodatel also does not think that you need increase or transfer at the same level. Safely ask these questions. Do not wait so far to you something will be offered and if to you nothing is offered you do not hurry to begin searches of the new place of work.

If refused to you good work, and for you it really there was that employer that you also wanted. How to be? There are several methods of correction of a situation.

the Cause of failure can be any, however, typically refusals sound so:

- you did not suit us

- We still consider other candidacies for this vacancy

- We already took other person. Vacancy is closed. sometimes to you simply nobody calls back to


How to behave? Be more persistent. In - the first if did not call back to you it not refusal yet though the majority the similar fact is considered quite so. Nobody told it to you - call and specify and if there is opportunity, then it is better to stop by at office. you remember

At any answer of the employer - your purpose to get this job.

1. Provide own plan of works. At a stage of consideration of candidates the employer, as a rule, pays attention to the previous experience of the applicant, but not the fact that the new employee who was successful there will be also or is more successful in the new organization. For the present not so many employers demand providing own preliminary plan of works. Use it and provide the plan, show to the employer that you are ready to work in this concrete organization.

2. Get a job and work for free. As if it did not look wildly, but is equal as it is written and it is necessary to arrive. The mass of examples when the person ustrivatsya for work how to be told, " is known; for free of charge at that very moment when the company there was not enough necessary expert, but then, as an award, the applicant received a desirable position. Let`s assume, you were not accepted, you were told that you have not enough experience, there is not enough knowledge, suggest to pass a small trial period without payment in order that the employer could be convinced of the return. By the way, more and more employers already in the questionnaire ask the applicant to answer a question: Whether you are ready to go three test days to the companies without payment?

Actually, it is necessary to remember that any actions taken by you for receiving work can and will surely lead you to success, and here inaction and passivity never before yielded the results. I wish you to find good work! Good luck!