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How to secure the computer? Part 3 - the Antispam.

We already considered such threats of computer safety as viruses and unauthorized access to computer resources. Unfortunately, on it the list of the misfortunes ready to fall upon us is not settled.

The rare person having Internet access does without creation of a mailbox, for reception and sending e-mail. A bigger rarity is the person using e-mail, and who never received any unexpected advertizing mailing, promises to become rich, having enclosed in the most favorable business real kopeks, etc. Such letters are called spam.

Spam ( of spam ) - in large quantities the dispatched correspondence of advertizing or other character sent to the people who did not express desire to receive it. First of all term spam treats advertizing e-mails.

How to get rid from persuasive letters of happiness or advertizing? The easiest and cheap way - passive defense. Do not create mailboxes with simple names, be registered on the suspicious websites, do not answer spam, etc. These elementary rules will allow you to eliminate considerable part garbage e-mail.

But what to do if spam comes more and more if you pay for spam - traffic more, than for useful information from a network? A conclusion is obvious - it is time to pass to active actions!

Today there is a large number of anti-spam technologies which allow users to cut a huge number of unnecessary mail. Conditionally similar software is divided into two groups: local and global.

Local ON usually represents the e-mail clients having the built-in means of fight against spam. So, for example, the second service pack to MS Office 2003 got, besides corrections of numerous defects and vulnerabilities, and the improved system of counteraction to spam. Anti-spam the filter is built in Outlook by default. Some e-mail clients, like Mozilla Thunderbird, use the mechanism of superstructures (so-called plug-ins) which are connected to the main program for desire of the user.

Besides some e-mail clients provide such service as filtering of mail. Having received spam - the letter, you can bring the sender`s address in black list and all letters of the spammer will automatically be removed, without their downloading on your computer.

So-called corporate filters or locks belong to the second group of the anti-spam software. Such programs are installed on e-mail servers where they trace and delete undesirable letters.

Anti - Spam « belong to the most popular programs of the second group; Kaspersky Labs Spamooborona companies of Yandex, Antispam Gateway of AGAVA Software firm and some other.

of Anti - Spam - it is the intellectual system protecting from spam of users of corporate mail. The program filters spam letters at reception of e-mail still before they are delivered in a mailbox of the user. According to statements of the producer high efficiency and reliability allow to use Kaspersky Anti - Spam for a filtration of post streams practically of any intensity .

Spamooboron`s Yandex possesses system of the analysis of contents of the letter. The special analyzer divides the letter on pure the component perceived by the person, and dirty the containing information invisible to the user. It allows to fight effectively against tricks of spammers, revealing characteristics of registration and contents of letters. Along with it there is an analysis of technical information on the letter - reliability of information on the sender is checked, authenticity of headings of the letter is analyzed, features of control of networks and post systems of senders are considered.

ON the company of AGAVA Software has serious differences from above-mentioned competitors. The first plus according to developers, simplicity of installation as the filter (lock) is installed without intervention in work of a corporate network is. As the second advantage use of Spamprotexx technology is called on the basis of which the personal filters released by AGAVA Software are constructed.

It is quite obvious that to tell about all technologies and developments in the field of fight against spam to me it will not be possible - for this purpose it is necessary to write the separate book. However I hope that this short review will help you, dear readers to open for themselves one more effective remedy of saving of the time, money and nerves. To in total you good and good luck!