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Where and how to look for the client?

Many of us will - bondage are connected with trade, to tell more precisely, with sales. We work in the trading companies, selling these or those things, we work as for independently coming client, and in the fields . In this article I would like to tell several features of search of clients.

For a start it is necessary to establish the most popular ways of search. As a rule, sales managers or sales representatives begin and finish in the banal way: open reference books or advertizing newspapers and begin cold calls. Sometimes to these editions databases, available are added to the Internet, but it is no more. How to be? We often forget about one to pain simple rule of marketing: it is necessary to look for the client where he, as they say, lives. You can go madly long from office to office, but will continue to remain the stranger for the potential clients. You will become the, being in their habitat. Think where there can be your clients? You know the answer to question WHO THEY, now it was necessary to answer question WHERE THEY, except for, certainly, their offices. Everything is banal simply, your clients can go to gyms, pools, movie theaters, parks, elite clubs... yes you never know, where still. That`s it there also look for them! Become for them really the! Meet in the same places, get acquainted, exchange business cards (certainly, business cards need to be had with themselves always!) .

As they say if any principle is available in usual everyday life, it by all means will find reflection and in business. And so, this principle is underlain in each of us for a long time. Where we meet people whom we meet and with whom we want to get acquainted? It is known that if the girl wants to get acquainted with the rich and wealthy guy, she needs to look for possible applicants in appropriate places. It is unlikely it will be possible to get acquainted with that in forgotten domestic to a pivnyaka . By and large, of course, everything is possible, but here a probability share much less.

It is known that very well works so-called secondary advertizing, in simple terms - the recommendation. You are just recommended as the reliable good partner. At the same time the most interesting is the fact that these people can not be your clients, they never could buy nothing from you. It is known that the seller has to be sociable, and sociable not in the plan liking to talk and able to speak and, and, on business. Do not miss an opportunity to begin conversation with someone, standing in a queue at the airport. As a rule, at this enterprise of transport will always be what to talk about, and especially will be with whom. Talk and surely exchange business cards. If this person himself does not use your services and will not acquire goods, he will not forget to mention you to the partner, the chief, the colleague, and it will look approximately so: Listen, I know where to take what is necessary I will call now.... And he will tell it thus as though he knows you one thousand years. Even the formulation - you together flew and you told a lot of things to it - too will be very convincing.

As still can attract to itself clients? The human resource is limited. You cannot work day and night, cannot be at the same time at two meetings... How not to waste the mass of efforts and time for unnecessary calls and trips? It is necessary to pave to himself the way.

In - the first, not in all companies are provided mailing groups, but the management of such companies is ready to pay the letters sent potential clients, the main thing that someone was engaged in it. Take the initiative - undertake collecting postal addresses of potential clients, create offers, buy brands and envelopes and make mailing which each letter accompany with the business card. Letters, it is equal as fax and electronic mailing, will allow you to find new clients plus at once to make a quite good reserve for the future. in

In - the second, always differ! Differ from competitors. Leave after the visit the client what is not left by others. All leave business cards and offers? You leave business cards, offers and, for example, CD - a disk with the presentation or the video movie. In your company there are no such disks? Not a problem! Make them - for certain some video all - is present. You should spread around, buy only boxes and to carry! Make and at own expense. Believe, it will be a justified step. Bringing

pass - a result (and in this case I can bring only pass - a result as this subject can have tens and hundreds of continuations), there is a wish to tell that the ideas allowing to sell more - a huge number. Think! Think out! Use!