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How to teach the child to read in three years and to derive pleasure?

Are such method, it is called global reading . Its essence is very simple and plain. We learn to read to all the word, without cowardly collecting of syllables from letters at once, and then, straining crinkles, to put words from syllables (if they were not lost on the way).

This process only first seems difficult, just it is unusual. And actually, it is much simpler than what practices in school.

We will begin, but it is a little from another.

We will look at some subject.

Well, we watch, we look... and what is seen? Our subject is also seen. And, notice, at once, entirely. Not handles and tails, or still something melkochastny, and everything, smart guy, entirely. Here, in integrity and safety as we see surrounding objects, it is possible to learn to see also words. And to read them.

Nobody sets a task at once to teach to read, that is, to see and read DUCK words or the DRAKE.

We will begin with what is close 2 - 3 - to the hletny peanut. HEY and UA. Two lepetny words, but nevertheless words, but not a syllable.

We write them accurately on the cards identical by the size and color.

On one card - A U. On another, respectively, U A.

A finger of the left hand, at first an average, then index, in turn we concern letters A and U. Poluchayetsya as on a piano. And the sound is necessary too. We put a finger on a letter A and at the same time I will eat together with the child .

I will eat the following finger on Wu Yi`s letter the duet again. We try not to do pauses between these actions.

Here also sang the first, read by a recitative, the word.

AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUU. Consolidating result, we read quicker: AAUU. Then the kid is the soloist even quicker - HEY.

Yes! Do not forget to rearrange fingers of your child prodigy in the course of reading. Similarity to playing a piano full. The finger pressed a letter, it began to sound. Without pauses between sounds.

As you guessed, we also read also the second word - UA.

Having mastered this simple operation, it is possible to start reading of not less important words: XA, AX, AM, MA.

Now it is possible to pass to aerobatics. We read words which consist of three letters and are very similar externally. For example, the IAC / is SMALL / the PIER / SOAPS / CAPE / JUICE / DREAM / SON etc. of

With new letters which appear in words, acquaint here, and the child remembers them. Easily.

We write each word on a separate card, one size and identical color. We read as well as the first words - we rearrange fingers and at the same time we sing through words.

Now we begin with an anonymous finger and to index. Read the first word, postponed a card. Read the second... Then put both cards nearby and cunning so we ask: And what is written here? And here?

If the kid did not read the word, then we repeat reading again. Fingers on letters and together without pauses, almost drawlingly the kid reads. Gradually we begin to enclose still the read words. We point a finger at a card and we ask the same question. And what is written here?

It is possible to diversify interrogation . Show the word... also you call any word written on a card.

Over time it turns into game.

Having worked the words consisting of three, then four and five letters, the child begins to use this reception in all words.

That`s all. Process went. At the child the psychological barrier and fear of a large number of letters was gone. He developed vigilance and now easily learns the words close on structure but differing in one letter. And then not only one letter, and and all at once. Important what your kid is not afraid to read!

Give the book to it in hands!