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How it is necessary to breathe?

Question not idle. While we are in good health, seldom we think of it. But once banal cold develops - as breath instantly is at a loss, and the person begins searches not only drugs, but also ways of breath. And here already traps him minefield various techniques and recommendations: Learn to breathe! Do not breathe! Breathe on the account! Breathe more deeply!

Appeal not to breathe that is, to try to constrain the breath both at rest, and at available loadings, it is not justified, also, however, as well as council to breathe more deeply. So professor A. B. Gandelsman who devoted the works to breath problems considers. Rhythmical and automatic work of respiratory muscles completely provides necessary ventilation of lungs. Any, without biological need, its increase leads only to the fact that lungs as furs, for nothing overtake huge volumes of unnecessary air.

Researches showed: any speeding up of breath at rest and during physical activities only breaks automatic regulation of breath. It is the best of all to improve both any, and involuntary regulation of breath by means of physical exercises, and it is even better in the course of concrete activity: during singing or game on wind instruments, divings or ascensions on top, eventually, can just be inflated balloons with different intensity.

Such training (in the course of concrete activity) is effective because in it the main serving breath role is shown. It does not distract from the chosen activity as many from existing " systems; breath, and helps it.

What, in that case absolutely to forget about breathing exercises? Many scientists paid attention that breathing exercises have the salutary, calming effect on the central nervous system long ago. The Leningrad physiologist, the doctor of medical sciences K. M. Smirnov who studied one of the most ancient systems - the Chinese respiratory gymnastics, came to a conclusion that the main thing in it - emotional comfort which is tested by each person during occupations.

Having forgotten about alarms, he sits in a convenient pose and listens to the breath: quiet, rhythmical, free. And now breathing exercises are successfully used for psychological regulation in cases when the person needs really to switch, distract, calm down. If in it there is no need, such gymnastics will only distract from work, study, any other useful activity.

The special attention is deserved also by breathing exercises which use at treatment of some diseases. They enter a complex of physiotherapy exercises, for example, at emphysema of lungs, bronchial asthma. Also bring undoubted benefit if, of course, are carried out taking into account recommendations of the doctor.

In situations when in an organism there is an oxygen insufficiency, for example, after intensive loadings, breathing exercises are expedient too. They help to fill quicker temporarily created shortage of oxygen, to be restored after big loading. The simplest - is deep to sigh, having raised hands up and to exhale, having lowered them down.

As you can see, in questions of breath of an extreme are not necessary. Golden mean - your personal physiological rhythm plus physical and psychological comfort - already say that you breathe correctly.