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Who the first alone crossed all globe?

Joshua Slokam, the Canadian seaman who was fated to make to the first global cruise alone was born on February 20, 1844. And for the first time about it I heard from legendary Fedor Konyukhov`s lips during his arrival to Kaliningrad in August of last year. Meeting journalists, Fedor highlighted: Do not write only that I was a pioneer of round-the-world swimmings. Joshua Slokam " was the first;.

What it was? Why decided to throw down a challenge to elements? Whether had the right to risk itself, by then when it was solved on circumnavigation on the map of Earth remained not so much white spots ?

So, Joshua was born in the farmer`s family in provinces of the British Canada on the peninsula Nova Scotia. The grandfather of future romantic was a hereditary seaman, and here the father who was perfectly getting on with the sea plowed the earth and demanded from the same son. The childhood at the boy ended already in 8 - summer age, and in four years the father noticed that the son instead of waving a mattock, having closed in a shed, makes sailing vessel model. To the Romantic it was necessary to beat out birches, and the broken fragments of a sailing vessel were dispelled on all yard.

As you think what the father achieved? Only the fact that the son ran away. And, on Slokam`s trouble - the senior, in port the fishing vessel where Joshua also settled the ship`s boy just sailed away.

For the first five years of ship service the young sailor rounded Cape Horn twice, visited China and was love to the sea seriously ill! And in 18 years clever small appointed the second navigator - a case unprecedented not only in the English fleet!

in seven years Slokam already the captain! And then - off it went! And the most interesting, as the wife to itself picked up the same freaky in Sydney! Where it only with it was not wound. And even the birth of two children did not stop this courageous woman. Moreover, when the husband bought the first small bark, it went with it to the first commercial flight. It could become quite the last as at coast of Brazil the bark during a storm sank, and Slokama by some miracle got out to the coast.

What was to remain in others country with a family on hands and flat broke, everyone, probably, can imagine. But Joshua never knew that such despair. He built the small dwelling in a selva in the beginning, and then started construction of a canoe. Much after his son Victor remembered that it was the most romantic travel to his lives as it continued over a year!

It is sure that 99 of 100 wives would take a big hacksaw in hand and would saw Slokam until the end of his life. But several years later the situation repeated nearly one to one. This time in the jungle of Indonesia. However, this time Slokam built not a canoe, but the ship by which then and went by the seas on waves.

But we will return to round-the-world travel. Joshua decided on it in April, 1895 when restored by it from ruins shlyup " Spray; got to like the owner. And the person, and shlyup knew that to expect one from another. Shlyup had such parameters: length is 11,02 m; width is 4,25 m; displacement is 9 t. Probably, each boy at least once in life executed 11 - meter penalty kick (penalty). Was in " so much; " Spray; from a nose to a stern.

Joshua`s route determined by it: to start from Boston, to pass to coast of Europe then to pass the Mediterranean Sea and through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea to get to the Indian Ocean. But not all it appeared so simply. Only on happy combination of circumstances the seafarer twice missed each other with pirates, and once hardly got away from them at coast of Morocco. Then decided not to risk and turned on the West. Thus, the route turned out such: Gibraltar - South America - Samoa - Australia - South Africa - Vest - India. The savor to circumnavigation was added by the fact that Joshua Slokam was not able to swim!

On April 24, 1895 " Spray; left Boston. But in Gloucester the traveler got stuck relatively for a long time, as gathered in a long journey. With himself the provident traveler took even an iron oven not to eat with no drink!

The brave captain could not reach the end. Once in the open ocean on " Spray; such wave collapsed that all case of a sailing vessel disappeared under water. Slokam was rescued only that he instinctively grabbed a mast and kept in this end of the world.

Of course, Joshua did not fly, hastily, on the " Spray; especially as the rumor about the traveler flew ahead of his sailing vessel, and in each port was many people wishing to take a look at Slokam. And in Melbourne to it suggested to raise a payment for visits of the vessel. What the captain also made. The entrance ticket cost 6 pence, but people flocked so the seaman well filled up ship cash desk .

And all the first round-the-world travel alone lasted three years, two months and two days and came to the end on June 27, 1898 when after midnight " Spray; reached the American coast.

In one and a half years to feel the hero - the single everyone who bought the book " had an opportunity; Round the world alone written by Slokam. He was not a born writer, but never paltered and described everything extremely precisely.

And in 1909 " Spray; again went with the owner to round-the-world travel. This time Slokam intended to meet shorter deadline. But in the same, 1909, the sailing vessel was missing.

As usual, in versions in this respect was not a shortcoming. One said that it disappeared in a subsoil of the Bermuda Triangle. The second allegedly saw Slokam how he was declared the missing. Like, he decided to run away from the wife and lodged on the desert island where he disappeared. The third claimed that " Spray; in the dark cut the big mail vessel, even without having noticed it!

But anyway, Slokam threw down a challenge to destiny and proved, as one in the field soldier.

If to speak about Slokam of the XX century Fedor Konyukhov, the Russian has several ideas: from construction 50 - meter it is sports - the forwarding yacht (length of 53 m, width - 8,7 m), before travel on an ice iceboat across Greenland. God grant to all pioneers of good luck and persistence!

As is seen, ability to float is optional here!