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How I cook belyashes and chebureks?

All - nothing will be compared to house pastries! Pies, rolls and cookies, all with a heat about a heat! And as it is pleasant when guests try to keep step with an additive, having forgotten about diets It is a lot of recipes difficult and simple, it is possible to gather from books and magazines. But all the same - how your mother prepared, you will never forget! It can be as the simplest, and the most difficult dish, but its taste is a taste of the childhood.

At me mother was very good culinary specialist, but as any child, had at me the most favourite dishes which I learned to prepare, exactly sitting in kitchen and in process of forces disturbing mother. Passed thirty years, and I do not change recipes of these dishes, and I do everything as it was remembered. I do not know where my mother took the recipes. But all were sure of our family that only my mother prepared as the grandmother. And mother had 8 brothers and sisters. Now so speak about me.

I want to tell you about some recipes of my mother. It will be a question of rather known dishes: these are chebureks and belyashes. Many times tried to prepare according to books, and all the same taste not such! Perhaps it, of course, and memory plays with me games, I do not know. Try, compare also decide what recipes suited you more. Well, and if you prepare for the first time, then for you these recipes will not seem something very daunting, and you will be able to treat house with fine pies.

Recipe 1: Chebureks.

Products: Flour 1 kg, 4 eggs, baking powder or soda, salt, 500 gr. forcemeat (it is better to take mix of beef and pork and if you have nothing against mutton then take forcemeat only from mutton, she does not like to mix up), 4 - 5 bulbs, garlic to taste, hot pepper (I use siliculose, but it is possible to take also ground), 1/2 glass of rice, 1/2 glass of broth (same as forcemeat), 1 liter of sunflower oil.

At first we will make dough. We fill flour on purely washed up table a hill, about a half from total, and we mix with salt and a baking powder. Then we add some egg and we knead very stiff dough if very abruptly it turns out, it is possible to add a little water. We leave, having covered with a napkin that it approached a little.

For now we will be engaged in a stuffing. Onions are cut by straws 0,5 cm wide and we mix with forcemeat. Pepper if you decide to use siliculose, we pass via the meat grinder together with garlic and we also add to forcemeat, we salt to taste, we add rice (crude!) and broth. Carefully we mix. Forcemeat has to turn out very juicy. On a plate we put a big, deep pan and we pour in it oil - all liter. Oil has to begin to boil properly.

Also we begin to form our chebureks actually. We roll dough as it is possible more thinly (here when and the remained flour is useful - that dough to a table did not stick, previously we powder a table with flour). I got used to do triangular chebureks, but the form depends on your imagination; now on sale there are special molds, I just cut squares of 10 by 10 cm. In the middle we put a stuffing and, having curtailed a triangle, carefully zashcheplyay edges.

The ready cheburek is lowered in the boiling oil and when dough becomes light-brown and the cheburek will emerge, we take out a skimmer or special nippers. It is better not to use a fork as it is possible to puncture a cheburek, and all juice will flow out. We spread on the dish which is previously covered with napkins that excess oil was absorbed. That`s all!

Recipe 2: Belyashes.

Products: Flour 1 kg, 2 eggs, yeast 1 packs (lately I use dry yeast, but mother always did on old kind barmy sticks), sugar 3 - 4 tablespoons, salt, milk (kefir it is better not to use, dough turns out too sour, and all charm of this recipe that dough sweetish). For a stuffing I use forcemeat from mix of pork and beef in a proportion one part of pork on two parts of beef, total of forcemeat of 800 - 900 grams. 2 - 3 bulbs, garlic and pepper to taste. It is possible to add greens. 1 liter of sunflower oil.

At first we will prepare dough: we mix flour 3/4 of gross weight with yeast and sugar, we add salt (literally a pinch), we drive in eggs and we add milk. We knead dough. It should not stick to hands. We cover with a napkin and we leave to rise.

Now we will be engaged in a stuffing. Small we slice onions, we cut garlic as it is possible we mix everything with forcemeat more small (you should not press it in a garlick press, taste not such will turn out); if you decide to use greens, then it also should be cut small. As a rule, I add broth to any forcemeat, but not all like too juicy stuffing - try also decide how you have more to liking.

By then as you finish with a stuffing, dough has to rise already, and we once again mix it. Now it is possible to mold our belyashes. I do them from a hand . That is, I cut off a piece of the test that it was located in a palm, and just I extend it in pancake, it has to turn out slightly more palm. In the middle - a stuffing, and simply zashcheplyayu edges as usual pie, only round. To fry the same as chebureks.

Bon appetit and good mood.