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How to make a crossword puzzle?

As are frequent, solving at a leisure a crossword puzzle or skanvord, we in indignation reject from ourselves the magazine or the newspaper, and we turn the just anger on authors of these verbal puzzles Well, really it was necessary to use these sophisticated names or to think up something interesting? - it is the most frequent exclamation of fans of intellectual leisure. Having long-term experiment on drawing up all types of verbal charades, crossword puzzles, chaynvord and skanvord, I hurry to share it with those who decided to make it independently, but not by means of computer programs generously.

So: beginning of the beginnings of drawing up crossword puzzle . The optimal variant is to choose a grid and to begin to fill it. When finding sufficient experience, it is possible to go also from the return: that is to build a grid then, but it is rather difficult - it is necessary to symmetrize words etc. Therefore we will begin with simple: at first - a grid. If it is difficult to draw it independently, then it is easily possible to take a grid from any printing edition - of course if it is not some sophisticated exclusive, but our standard classical it is black - a white grid of different configurations.

First council: should pay attention to the number of crossings. The simplest is when words are crossed in two, at most - in three places. It is more - it will be much more difficult, especially by the end of a crossword puzzle. Let`s say the grid with double - threefold crossing of words is chosen, and now we pass to its filling.

Council of the second: try that in places of crossings there were vowels. To make the crossed word in " option; - and - and - and it is much easier, than - to - with - N . If nevertheless in crossing concordants got, then it is desirable to choose easily combined and often meeting, for example, to r with . In penultimate crossing it is possible to put N or to because in Russian there are a lot of words terminating on - on or - . If crossing not in a penultimate letter, and, for example, in the third since the end, then too anything terrible: how many it is possible to remember the words terminating on - St ist ravine interesting surnames or place names. However hissing and the letters e yu I and also soft - hard signs in cages of crossing is an excess headache.

Naturally, usually in a crossword puzzle several long words and much - many words from 5 - ti or 4 - x letters meet. Council the third: to think up at first long words, to join them with each other, and then to adjust to them short. The choice of original words from three letters is quite small and therefore they, for technical reasons, wander from one crossword puzzle in another. It is better to fill in the most interesting words at first - then, by the end of a grid, it is necessary to adjust elementary them on already available combination of letters, and at the beginning of a way still there is a full scope - write though Schopenhauer .

Now that, as for words - council the fourth: do not subtilize! Primitiveness and availability are different things! Though, not always it turns out to avoid " names; the river in Ethiopia or the small town in South Africa . Believe, authors did not know these words until drawing up a crossword puzzle too. But just arise as I already told, purely technical moments on crossings of words under which well nothing falls in any way, except inflow of Kama fishes of group or something similar! Therefore, dear fans to solve crossword puzzles, do not abuse us too strongly for it. The same picture with already mentioned words from three letters . All these sconce aha dream nose already set the teeth on edge, I understand, but sometimes without them - anywhere, especially in skanvorda.

The most difficult made of all are thematic crossword puzzles. At first it is necessary to write out or remember a maximum of words which belong to this subject (for example, fauna). It is necessary to exclude that a crossword puzzle fauna consisted only of definitions an animal of group such - that - it is boring and it is interesting to nobody. There are names of pictures, movies or something else where animals meet.

Definitions to crossword puzzles have to be various, for example, an animal from Leonardo da Vinci`s picture - an ermine (means well-known The Lady with an ermine ) etc. Definitions do a crossword puzzle interesting and fascinating because the knowledge of geography and zoology is one, and ability to associative thinking is another. For thematic crossword puzzles it is better to choose the general subjects: cinema, actors, same fauna, but here crossword puzzle Types of the foreign cars it is unlikely will interest someone, except motorists.

If similar crossword puzzles are still difficult for you, it is possible to make a usual, not thematic crossword puzzle, but to make definitions comic, or to take as their basis aphorisms or proverbs - sayings: for example, revenge - a dish which is better for giving cold . However, if it is exclusively author`s aphorism, in brackets it will be necessary to add a surname of the author.

As for drawing up skanvord, that the technology is more difficult here. The main thing that in a cage with their definitions was no more than two, and the shortest, and the arrow went not as an intricate snake, and is accurate on the next cage at the left - on the right - down - upward. It is possible to place 2 - 3 photos of the famous people that too quite often practices. It gives a live look to the skanvord and allows (I will tell in confidence) to patch several cages in corners where it is especially difficult to adjust words to each other. Here, of course, with definitions you will not fool around : everything is written accurately and shortly.

The easiest for the originator are of a chaynvorda: beginning: Omsk - Queens etc. . The subsequent word just clings to previous and begins with its last letter - all of us played in cities so this principle more than is familiar. Of course, here it is necessary to exclude the terminations on a soft sign etc. Snake the chaynvorda can be any, but it is desirable to give, nevertheless, to it some logical look and to consider that at least in one place she has to become isolated - the last word has to terminate on the first letter of initial.

All these recommendations only at first sight seem sophisticated, but if you at least once tried to make independently a crossword puzzle, to you, for certain, a lot of things will be the acquaintance. With experience, of course, everyone has own professional cunnings, but for a start, hope, my councils will be able to be useful to someone. Patience to you, the beginning krossvordist, and pleasant pastime by all that who likes to solve crossword puzzles!