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How to secure the computer? Part 2 - the Firewall.

So, we already know about viruses and about one of methods of fight against them. Alas, viruses are not the only misfortune trapping the person with the computer on the Internet.

You sometime noticed that at you files disappear though the antivirus with fresh bases and in a mustache does not blow? Or, maybe, the Internet limit calculated for a month suddenly was spent in several days? Is not present? Well, you can be congratulated (through the left shoulder fie - fie - fie! and on wooden - tuk - tuk - tuk!) - you were lucky. And there are also less lucky people

B than the reason of such strange things? Everything, as usual, is simple.

For a start small educational program. Each computer having Internet connection has the IP address. It as telephone number: 4 numbers (everyone from 0 to 255). By means of these unique addresses it is possible to contact any computer in a network. But what to do if several programs at the same time have to work with a network? How they will understand where whose data? For this purpose each computer has so-called " ports;. They are more than 65 thousand that allows to work in parallel with a network to a large number of appendices.

And now present: you learned that on port with number N there is some activity. Someone something from where - that transfers to you to the computer. It is quite possible that it someone from your friends to whom you blurted out the passwords tries to play you and cracks your system. But maybe, it is the malefactor who learned in some way your password? Now he will get access to your financial documentation and will begin to blackmail, threatening to hand over you (with all your sins, it is natural) to the staff of the tax inspection or competitors. Crash of firm?! Problems?! What to do???

As one character, tranquility, only told tranquility. On two classical questions ( What to do? and Who is guilty? ) there are answers. The victim (who was really injured has to formulate the answer to the second question for himself or potentially - it is not important). And here the answer to the first question can be learned here and now.

In order that the described situation did not arise, it would be quite good to forbid communication of the computer on all suspicious ports. Simple and elegant decision: let`s communicate only with those with whom we want. To have similar happiness, it is necessary to install the special program - a firewall.

A firewall (from English firewall - a fire wall, a fire-prevention partition), or a firewall, - the special program allowing only those network connections which are allowed by the user and which protects your computer from invasion from the outside.

The firewall allows to control the connections both entering, and proceeding. And now nobody will be able to get to us, but also nobody will be able to get out . Now any malicious application trying to transfer something to the Internet will be found. The end to uncontrolled leaks the Internet - a traffic!

Now we will consider the firewalls which are in use on Internet open spaces.

of ATGuard . Very convenient personal firewall controlling all connections, entering and the proceeding traffic blocking potentially dangerous web - pages, advertizing in pop-up windows (pop - ups). Process of installation is simple even for the user - the beginner.

of Outpost Firewall Pro . According to a number of experts, it is the most powerful firewall today. Outpost blocks loading of advertizing and active soderzhimogoweb - pages, checks suspicious e-mail, etc. All this is realized by special algorithms of a filtration of a network traffic, control of open connections, and also identification and blocking of the suspicious actions happening both in the computer, and beyond its limits.

One more representative of firewalls is of Zone Alarm Firewall . He has nonconventional potential of protection of your PC against hackers, spyware and other dangers of the Internet for firewalls: the firewall blocks a possibility of receiving access to the computer by hackers, automatically does the computer invisible on the Internet, prevents a possibility of unauthorized sending information, protects programs and an operating system from malicious applications (malware).

Except the specified programs - firewalls also exist of Kerio Personal Firewall , of Lavasoft Personal Firewall , of Tiny Firewall Pro , of Webroot Desktop Firewall and a great number of others.

Owners of the Windows XP with the established SP2 service pack receive the built-in firewall in the order. However, to its work there is a number of claims, but it is all the same it is more, than nothing. Promise to correct it in the following Windows version - Windows Vista.

Now you are familiar with one more method of fight for computer safety. I will repeat once again: do not save on the safety!

Very much I hope that you should not put this knowledge into practice, but just in case, as usual, I wish you good luck. Happily!