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Than the pickup is good?

Wikipedia gives the following definition:

the Pickup (English pick up - colloquial to pick up) - acquaintance to someone for the purpose of a seducing, sex, creation of the long-term relations.

From all pikaper the most loud are allocated, naturally, talkative and boastful. On these allocated people there is an impression that all pikaper are deeply diffident people at whom throughout all life it was not got on with girls and who are even rather afraid of these girls. Honestly - why specially to learn to enchant girls if you already have success in them or if you have a constant girl with whom at you everything is good? I do not know

whether all pikaper try to hide under bravado, boasting and impudence the fear, but in the pickup is also rational grain. Even two No - three!

Grain first. Attempt.

As in an old kind joke:

Approaches a young cornet (K) the lieutenant Rzhevsky (P).

K: Lieutenant! Share a secret - as you manage to have such success in women?

P: Everything is very simple. I approach the lady who was pleasant to me and I speak: Madam, it is possible to oversleep with you? .

K: Lieutenant! But so it is possible and to obtain up to a physiognomy.

P: It is possible also up to a physiognomy And it is possible and to oversleep.

People - and girls including - different. They have different desires and different intentions. And if you in a day try to get acquainted with 20 girls, then sooner or later (with such speed - early enough) you will meet the girl whose desires and intentions will coincide with yours. If at the same time you are able to show a step, humour and which - that else (about what below), the speed of finding of the girl suitable you sharply will increase.

Grain second. Refusal. At first sight it can seem to

paradoxical, but the system of the pickup is effective far not least because she counts on refusal. Not meaning that she learns how to overcome refusal. And that she learns to perceive refusal as something normal at all not terrible. Refusal is a part of system. And when the young pikaper is sent by the fiftieth girl in a row, he speaks to himself refusal is a part of the " system;. Nothing terrible happened. The system works, and refusals - is absolutely normal. it continues by

I attempts to get acquainted with other girls. While very many people are afraid to make also one - that attempt to get acquainted from - for undercover fear that will refuse to them.

Fear of refusal to very many people prevents to make attempt to get acquainted. Who knows - how many remarkable couples did not develop just because any of them did not take the first step from - for fear that will refuse to it

Suppression of this fear very strongly helps to get acquainted - a pikaper you or not.

Grain third. Confidence.

Or even belief. The belief (in particular belief in system and templates of behavior) is capable to work wonders and to give to the person the resources inaccessible deprived of this belief.

Self-confidence (it just was also meant under which - than in the first point) it is already a half of success. Without it it is extremely difficult to show all those remarkable qualities which you possess - sense of humour, gallantry, resourcefulness, the uncommon personality, a rich inner world, sharp mind

As on a joke: As I love the harmonous legs, a narrow waist, a flat stomach And as I hate fat which all this hides!

Lack of self-confidence just is also such fat of which pikaper by means of belief in system get rid. And it is not so important whether templates which are offered by system work. The confidence which the belief in system gives means not less - at least.

As it was told in the animated film SouthPark, Be just self-assured. Little girls love self-assured