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What it is necessary to know about bird flu?

all media - editions of Europe rustled in the Fall concerning the new facts of infection with bird flu in Asia, were afraid of migratory birds and looked for pandemic signs in places. And nobody heard separate voices that, in principle, in the fall ours birds fly on the South, and not vice versa. The spring began a hysterics

also again soon Actually, bird flu was found more than 100 years ago, and here at the person this virus was registered for the first time in Hong Kong in 1997 during a case of poultry. About 20 people, six with death got sick - then that strain of H5N1 was revealed and it is established that the virus passed to the person from birds.

Epidemics of the diseases caused by mutations of viruses arise about 2 - 3 times a century. On statistical data, a pandemic Spaniards (1918 - 1919) carried away about 20 - 30 million person in a non-existence. Also there are versions that the " virus; Spaniards resulted from a recombination of genes of a virus of a bird and the person. But progress does not stand still - in 1957 the pandemic " flashes; Asian flu . In 1968 a pandemic Hong Kong flu .

If to cast away other fears of World Health Organization, like atypical pneumonia or AIDS, then there will be a big discussion apropos: whether will pass this strain of H5N1 to the person or not? Whether to wait for the world pestilence or by then will develop a vaccine?

Actually, there are 15 types of bird flu, but especially infectious and killing virus which causes the greatest fears is H5N1 strain. However even within this strain there are versions. In the different countries, victims of epidemic of bird flu, its various options were recorded. At the same time wild birds, in particular ducks, are natural carriers of a virus and promote distribution of a disease. And poultry with low resistance to viruses became the main victims of flu.

As a result as the main disease carriers are birds, it is almost impossible to prevent distribution of a virus. But regular monitoring of migration of wild birds allows to notice in due time emergence of the infected packs in these or those places. Besides, WHO claims that bird flu H5N1 will develop into the world pandemic, only if the virus undergoes a recombination of genes with a virus of flu of the person, i.e. will gain new properties.

The person catches a virus or through direct contact with live the infected birds, or vozdushno - a drop way in the infected territory. The virus contains in bird`s excrement which parts after drying get to air, and then are inhaled by the person. Symptoms of an illness are identical to usual flu - heat, an indisposition, a sore throat and cough.

However disturbs scientists results of researches of the last lethal cases in Vietnam: it became clear, the virus of bird flu is capable to influence all bodies, and not just lungs. It can mean that some diseases and even death which did not connect with bird flu earlier actually were caused by this virus.

However, despite all aforesaid, bird flu is, first of all, information occasion, but not a real problem. At least, for the person, and a virus - threat more likely for agriculture. There will be no mutation of a strain yet, epidemic will not arise. And from preemptive measures practice extermination of the infected birds so far. The authorities of several countries destroyed millions of birds - it is considered that these measures constrain distribution of an illness among people.

But, there are also pluses. The global agiotage in this occasion led to the fact that more and more the scientific and research centers are engaged in development of a vaccine on epidemic case. But effective practices in this direction, despite progress in technologies, biology and genetics, cannot be begun prior to the beginning of a pandemic - as still it is unknown with what to fight! At present just it is necessary to wait for succession of events. And succession of events according to forecasts of scientists can become very prompt at any time.

But on the other hand, from - behind a sensation constant each case is diagnosed and treat nearly in every way the international medicine. Besides, the authorities of the countries were remembered veterinary supervision that too allows to monitor changes in a situation. The main thing that is not recorded any case that infection of the person occurred at observance of all standards of safety at cultivation and cultivation of poultry.

Thus, bird flu bears two main risks for health of the person. In - the first, danger of a serious disease and, in - the second, the risk that the virus - in the presence of favorable conditions - will be transformed to a form high-infectious for people, and will begin to be transferred easily from the person to the person.

As well as in a case with ordinary viruses of flu, the best protection - prevention. The vaccine for the person at the moment does not exist, doctors recommend to apply antiviral preparations which strengthen immunity and reduce probability of infection. And as individual means of protection it is better to limit trips to the countries in the territory of which cases of bird flu are registered, to refrain from visits of mass actions. And, of course, to follow rules of personal hygiene: to thicket to wash hands with soap, not to use things of the patient with bird flu, to wipe hands with spirit solution after contact with the patient, and also to accept polyvitamins which increase immunity to acute respiratory diseases and bird flu.

Though the virus of bird flu perfectly transfers a deep freezing, he within seconds perishes at high temperatures: in the boiling water or on the heated frying pan. Therefore is it is possible even the infected bird, of course, provided that she is appropriately prepared. Some experts do not recommend to drink crude eggs and suggest to cook them hard-boiled.

Health to you, be also not ill!