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How to define the independent worker and whether it is necessary to you such? Part III.

In Part I and Part II of this article were considered indicators for identification on interview of degree of independence of the applicant for vacancy. Also the criteria which are clearing up were given whether really involved worker will need this quality. Now we will look for what reasons the independent worker can leave.

Involving the independent worker, especially on the leading position, the employer is not always ready to confer him necessary powers. If in the organization the rights and duties of everyone are painted, functions are rigidly regulated, nobody ever communicates through the head of the immediate superior if the director personally performs management on each site of work of the enterprise, the independent worker will not be able to find for himself worthy application. The conflicts which will come to the end with a rupture of the relations will begin. The worker will leave there where are appreciated mobility, flexibility and creative approach where he will have no accurate list of duties, only the purposes, at worst - tasks are defined. It is not excluded that this transition will allow to amplify to competitors, and the abandoned employer will lose not only the valuable employee, but also time, money, tranquility in collective, and it is possible, will receive a blow to the image of firm.

Quite often need for the new manager arises in the companies in a crisis situation. Certain tasks and hopes are laid on again employed. When this employee manages to cope with difficulties and to bring firm or the charged direction to a stage of stable development, often the owner imposes to it certain deputy (from among friends or the owner`s relatives) to which the considerable share of duties and powers is transferred. Happens that also the owner is connected to management at this stage directly. And the manager gradually is more and more forced out from process of the management, or moves on other direction to which the owner grew cold.

As the following reason regular withdrawal by owners practically of all profit acts, including the money intended for development of the business / direction and its maintenance it is material - a technical component. At the same time the owner continues to demand implementation of the plan, increases arrived. To work effectively in the mode of austerity it turns out not for long. At some moment of resources begins not to be enough so that even the most independent worker is not able to solve the arising problems. Besides independent managers, owing to specifics of the personality, have ideas of rather further development of the charged direction, and even firm in general and when there are no means (or will to changes from owners) for realization of conceived, it becomes boring for them, there is an aspiration to find missing opportunities

Inviting the independent manager to charge it achievement of the conceived purposes, and, at the same time, to dump care of their business on his shoulders as about own, many businessmen do not realize that such work has to be paid highly. Having employed the hired manager on conditions, favorable to it, at that concrete moment, they forget to index a salary and a motivational package according to realities of time, do not respond to achievement some planned and surpassing planned results. Tell that sometimes employers even consciously go for deception of the managers, overestimating product cost, reducing, thus, bonus remuneration of heads of an average and the top management working for them on hiring. Knowing a situation with compensation in branch, comparing the contribution to business to a contribution of the colleagues working for competitors, the manager feels underestimated, feels the missed opportunities, offense and, at last, makes the decision on leaving

One more reason of change of the employer by independent managers is the impossibility to realize actually that independence, from - behind which they were selected from among other applicants for vacancy. Happens that, without reckoning with the manager, with his ideas, estimates and opportunities, with his view of a state of affairs, the owner affords rash investments, opening of the unpromising and unprofitable directions, attraction of the unjustified credits etc. It is connected with features of the identity of the businessman: active, uneasy and authoritative nature, desire to hold the power it is necessary all processes in firm, induce it to regulate rigidly functions and tasks of each worker, to exercise total control over resources and the purposes. Such ignoring of knowledge, experience, abilities of the hired head offensively for it also limits in an opportunity to well do the part, and also is contrary to the described lines making the complex of qualities called by independence. Namely: the independent worker himself sets to himself the purposes and seeks for their achievement.

At last, we will address such reason for leaving of the manager as development of the company by him. At each stage of the life cycle the company involves employees, the most adequate to the events in it and in branch in general. Employees develop in the professional and personal plan together with firm. However, as it was already noted, independent workers have the increased creative potential, seek for self-development, and quite often their abilities develop quicker and more, than the company is capable to claim and realize. The independent worker will seek for further self-realization, will generate the ideas which are not perceived by the management at this stage of development of the enterprise. Rejection of his ideas will generate at it a condition of frustration or even a depression and sooner or later will lead to professional burning out. The manager will not have other exit how to leave. When to competitors, when and in own business.

With what the described problems are connected? For the owner his business - as the small child: he conceived it, created, developed, continues to care and cherish It is difficult for it to tell how many - nibud large powers to the person who a priori cannot treat business, as to own. Inability of the owner to be released from emotions concerning the business is not a shortcoming in itself. It turns into a negative factor when the owner is not able to estimate adequately this line, as well as to estimate a possibility of the cooperation with the independent hired manager. In other words, it is about lack of independence at the owner, expressed the same activity, commitment and responsibility in a complex.

We will remember that commitment is a definition of the valid purposes and unshakable following to their achievement, acceptance of the fact that the purpose brings closer, and elimination of what does not help this approach. And responsibility is call of duty, self-checking, ability to make the choice and to look for system decisions. The impossibility to overcome the internal resistance to transfer of necessary powers to hired heads who were looked for was selected on independence degree, confirms immaturity of the owner, lack of commitment, a social and personal responsibility. And in case of departure of the worker from - for developments - also activities.

So before making the demand to independence of the employed personnel, it is necessary to estimate independence own.