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How to define the independent worker and whether it is necessary to you such? Part II. As we already found out

, independence is a complex of qualities which are schematically expressed through activity, commitment and responsibility, and considered ways of identification of the first of them on interview with the potential worker. I suggest to move on the way of independence studying further and to consider the remained indicators.

Commitment of the applicant for a position, as well as any other person, is the strong-willed quality which is shown in ability to set clear aims and tasks, systematically and to work with concentration. Therefore the purposeful candidate will surely provide a number of alternatives and opportunities for achievement of the purpose and will fill up this list in process. The purposeful person vividly responds on new decisions, rational offers, estimating them from the point of view of contribution to achievement of the purpose, accepting that will be able to help, and sweeping aside others. Ask, as if the candidate achieved some objective called by you, and on the course of his reasoning propose some courses and solutions, set additional conditions and barriers ( and if ? ) . Answers of the purposeful candidate will be short and reminding conclusions, will contain elements of creativity and attempt to think up new rules. Offers of not quite ethic decisions or even decisions bypassing laws are here too possible.

Ask the candidate on work which gave him a sheer pleasure. The purposeful person will choose for the story a case when only the purpose was known, tasks it defined. It will in detail describe the arising difficulties and how it overcame or bypassed them (of course if the atmosphere which developed on interview disposes to it). The purposeful applicant will answer a question why, despite all difficulties, it was for it pleasure, - because as a result he achieved the objectives.

At last, we will consider the main component of independence - responsibility. Responsibility is an internal regulator of the person, an indicator of a social and moral maturity of the personality. Existence of responsibility assumes also existence of call of duty, conscience and self-checking, as well as existence of ability to make the choice and to make decisions. The made choice, the made decision mean that the person is ready to undertake all completeness of responsibility for a situation, including responsibility for what it in principle could not provide.

In details ask the applicant on the reasons of leaving from the previous places of work. Desire of professional growth? Well. And what prevented to grow at that enterprise? ; Low wage? Obvious reason. And whether attempt to talk to the administration about its increase and what it ended with was made? ; Chief`s Cavils? I see. And in what injustice consisted? ; Cut Your project? And with what reasoned? And why you did not agree with criticism? etc. At the irresponsible person will always be guilty of his misadventures. Always.

The responsible candidate even in the conditions of a time trouble and a stress will look for such decisions which will allow to satisfy all; on a question of the delay reason on interview confesses that he is scary guilty since he though left a bit earlier, but nevertheless badly timed since did not provide a possibility of a huge stopper on the street of N. In other words, the analysis of a situation, allocation in it own miscalculations along with errors of others and attempts to solve a problem taking into account interests of all characters can be signs of the responsible applicant.

So, we distinguished the independent worker among other applicants. Let`s try to find out why it so interests the employer.

For the businessman it is extremely important to have an opportunity to set the task (ideally - to specify the purpose) and not to control performance process, not to worry for result, not to react to each arising problem, and to be engaged business - engineering, to plan and operate development of the company, to provide its financial stability. However whether on all positions workers need to be independent? The answer to this question has to follow from the purposes, tasks and functions of the specific employee. Let`s consider the enterprise of window branch.

Whether independence necessary quality of the worker on production is? The purpose of existence of this position - production of windows, a task - to make qualitative windows, functions - strictly to follow technological process. How the worker can set to himself the purposes and plan stages of its achievement, and then is persistent move to it? Independence is necessary only from the point of view of self-checking, self-discipline here: to arrive on time for work, in time to do it, without being distracted by infinite smoke breaks and without being lazy to execute instructions of duty regulations.

The purpose of work of the assembler is installation of a window, a task - high-quality installation in planned terms, function - strictly to follow technological process and the specification. The assembler, as well as the worker, has to be rather responsible not to depart from instructions, to do the work accurately. It is contraindicated to assembler to be independent, in case of emergency cases, he should not make decisions as he has no full knowledge of a situation. Similar situation and at the measurer. Its function - it is attentive to listen to the client and to try to reflect most precisely his wishes, and also to carry out measurements and to honestly record them. Where here a scope for creativity?

Independence is fully necessary to those whose functions it at the enterprise is a communication with clients and partners. The specialist in booking, for example, has to be able to plan the activity, to be able to work on several tasks at the same time, without having lost at the same time the purpose - the satisfaction of need of the client and receiving arrived. Such work is fraught with slips, claims, the conflicts, emergence of unusual situations. Here existence of independence is obligatory.

It is obvious that independence is necessary also for executives. For example, the independent production director will settle problems with suppliers, will achieve execution by workers of the duties with appropriate quality, will redistribute resources according to circumstances, will cope with the solution of a question of attraction of labor etc. as he its purpose is - smooth functioning of production, a task - ensuring production. Functions? The independent production director will define them...

Next time we will consider the reasons for which independent workers can leave the enterprise. And to you right choice!