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And what it is this 21st century?

Outside manage for a long time the 21st century. And what it is this 21st century? Century of a civilization? Century of space? Century of progress? A century where the medicine very strongly progresses. But also there is a reverse side, as well as at all last centuries. It libertinism, murder. Century new Russians century of a lawlessness and gangsterism. And the century of payment of the nature for recklessness, spinelessness of the person can? As there are a lot of questions and how many still will be. But not on the first and not on the second no who can answer. What nevertheless this 21st century?

Planes crash, the ships, boats sink, leave under the earth of the house but who took an interest Why? . Can - it is a mistake of the person? And can - it is revolt of the nature...? Yes, houses turn into heaps of ruins, and planes in the flaring metal, but these ruins carry away not only beauty of the city, they claim the lives thousands and thousands of people. Buildings can be restored, to construct the ships, and who will return human life. Who will return to the son`s mother, the husband`s wife, the brother the sister.

to go outside - means, to endanger the life. What now the street gives? Anything. Almost anything. It not as earlier, at the time of our grandmothers where quietly it was possible to walk on park and you no who will substitute a knife to a throat. Where look at garbage, everywhere debauchery, bums everywhere everywhere. At entrances syringes, stubs from cigarettes roll. And it is normal. And then ask why sick children are born.

Now the street is house for homeless children, bandits, addicts and murderers. What will be farther? And where watches our state? Why we these homeless children do by enemies of the people? Unless it is impossible to shelter, caress, educate and make so that they worked for us, but not against. Homeless children too people, more precisely children. Children who have a past real, but are not present the childhood and the future. Maybe with the childhood we were a bit late, but with future - no. It is worth trying to change their future that they died in old age, in a warm bed in an environment of the family, but not at a cold entrance from - for overdoses. Recently heard history: a certain young man of years 17 arrived to our city, from the far village. Arrived to the friend, more precisely the girlfriend. Arrived to work, learns and to take root here and that was made by parents of this girl. They just tactfully turned him out. Interestingly where it will go flat broke? On what party of a barricade he will get up? Against the people or for the people. To solve to us.

Future for my child. What it? Light and kind or future where will be to govern a lawlessness. And? At such muddle on streets I still will think whether brings to me him. I do not want as many, swearing to shiver every night for my child. I do not want that some doctor told me that my child is absent .

Or perhaps I am mistaken. Not everything can it so bad and careless as it seems. Unless our life is painted only by black paints? No. There are friends who will come to the rescue. There is a sun over the head, and at night bright stars. There are smiles of the family and support of relatives. In heart it becomes warm because that your parents are living. There is that person to whom you are necessary as air, as water. And to cost only, to look in his eyes, will see in them love and tenderness, life gets smyl at once. Means, is for the sake of whom to build the life. For the sake of whom to rise in the morning and to try to obtain progress in the afternoon. Unless the soul is not filled with happiness when in a bed the little daughter snuffles, the husband rejoices to a joint dinner. Unless it is not fine to live with the husband to a ripe old age, and in old age, to sit in a rocking-chair to knit socks for grandsons. The youth seeks to study. To seek to prove to be, the talents. So let`s help them to achieve in realization of the ideas, plans, mediocrities.

of People not the island, and all - each of us the island by which floats many ships, mooring or not. But, even mooring, they not always leave a mark in our life. There is a lot of us, universe grains of sand. If to collect all grains of sand in a single whole, then our life will become better. It is just necessary to us will learn to understand, trust, to concede each other. Will learn judiciousness. To learn to temper the will.