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How to diversify sexual life, or About harm of candles in intimate life of

Not the place paints sex

What it, lovely young women? Do not agree with this statement, you consider that the place paints sex? Any rooms with candles, falls in aquariums and other rubbish Yes who needs it? Especially, if pleasures you did not wait.

Reel up on a mustache what I will tell you now. Perhaps, it will confuse you and will seem a little dissolute Whether but not such liberated kitties you see yourself in the most courageous dreams?

Carefully, doors open

my neigbour - the grandmother was nearly brought to a heart attack by the opened elevator doors. To her look almost naked maiden who passionately embraced the young man appeared. Passionately postanyvy, the smart aleck smiled to the discouraged granny. Iron doors smoothly covered a shameful picture, and the grandmother was christened on a landing for a long time.

And now present that on the place of this maiden there would be you. Only it is not necessary to roll up eyes and indignantly to puff as it is never possible also I so for as! And whether so it? Really to you, dear girlfriends, there is no wish to feel excitement from casual others eyes? To me - that you can admit.

Above, more deeply, stronger

I Hope, inhabitants of neighboring high-rise buildings never noticed, than my best girlfriend with the boyfriend on a roof of their house is engaged. Otherwise they would be strongly surprised to the fact that the approximate boy and the girl use all poses of the Kama Sutra, leaning on garret lodges. Except possible views from windows they are madly excited by height and a scope which opens from height of the twelve-floor house.

If you do not want an obvious extreme in the elevator, try at least sex on open spaces of city roofs, height whether you know, gets.

In the city smells only of you, the bottom of a stomach fills with love

Krom of city structures for sex can use also a personal car. In total - we have no subway, and to represent passion in minibuses somehow it is not handy at all. One my acquaintance so wanted intimate communication that she stopped the car directly in the downtown, the benefit the young man appeared on the next seat. The passing cars slowed down by unsteady " Audi; also encouraged lovers loud: Give - give! Whether It is necessary to say that young people were glad to try!

From city bylinas I can throw to you one more paltry idea. One dancer of our city adores having sex on the river bank. Conditions have to be same: twilight, green foliage and singing of birds. Well and of course, beautiful girl. Probably, it is one of kinds of exhibitionism, in the evening in parks mothers with kids and grandfathers with doggies quite often walk. As it is excited by the indignant looks!

It is only a few stories which you can put into practice. Believe, and check better, new feelings are guaranteed to you. Also I dare to claim that feelings, will be extremely pleasant and positive. As can sometimes get others casual eyes! And aquariums with small fishes Well you can bring them on the rooftop if so without it is could not.