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Where it, Paradise on Earth? And at what here confidential communes?

Somewhere near Bangkok, Pkhelonga and Samuya are the island To Tao - in the Gulf of Thailand. It is also Paradise on Earth. It hid among impassable rocks, high falls and coral reeves. It is extremely difficult to reach there, the road to Paradise is thorny and dangerous. First of all, the detailed map is necessary. The island is uninhabited and is ecologically important object of Thailand protected by the state. To get the card even more difficult, than there to reach.

And here you idly are unsteady on vain small streets of Bangkok, trying to maneuvre between crowds of tourists from a different doomsday. There is a wish for exotic, adventures, an extreme, for the sake of it you got so far. In exchange the understanding that there is no nothing left that could surprise in this world comes. With sad thoughts you come back to hotel. Tomorrow again exotic viands on a buffet, travel on natoptanny tourist tracks and extreme swimming by the boat with a transparent bottom. Boredom. But the destiny smiles to you. The strange neighbor at half of the night coughing behind a wall decides to impose you the society. He endlessly speaks about the mysterious beach, about Paradise on Earth. It seems that it not in itself(himself)

the Young writer Alex Garland showed to the whole world the earthly paradise in the debut novel " Beach;. The main idea of the drama - the person can create the heavenly spot and for this purpose it is not obligatory to lead a just life, to follow canons of church and to die innocent. Many for certain saw not absolutely successful screen version from Leonardo DiCaprio in a leading role. The book shows philosophical aspect of this question much more deeply. Where it, Paradise on Earth?

The small commune of people united by burning draft of adventures and search of other life chose the small island in the Gulf of Thailand. Violent vegetation, the azure sea, all-weather heat, the tender sandy beach, lack of vanity of a civilization, all this validly was similar to the Eden. Each person on the island swore to tell nobody about its existence. Yes, and nobody intended to leave Paradise. On the beach rest and the world reigned. People had a rest, played volleyball, sang Bob Marley`s songs at a fire. Everyone took with itself(himself) only the most necessary, at least from a civilization. They did not call each other on names as they did on the continent, all had ridiculous nicknames. Someone caught fish, someone prepared her, someone worked in the field. In total for common cause.

Garland showed other life where people were happy and free. Where people did not gnaw each other a throat to make career development. The world where even money - an indirect equivalent of wellbeing on the continent, meant nothing. The book created a furor. The young writer became well-known. But there is one question: Whether the author invented this life? .

There are no authentic proofs of existence of a beach commune. The group of the German adventurers and admirers of the book made the independent investigation. They went on To Tao according to pages of the novel. The travel which began in Bangkok lasted the whole month. All were struck by similarity of the district landscapes described by Garland.

The huge field of hemp, one of tests of Paradise really exists. Some characters of the book, facing this field, lost the head. Jumped, shouted with happiness, thought that found this mysterious place. But the road to Paradise is thorny and dangerous. They were shot by the soldiers protecting the island. And a real paradise, it there, behind the field of hemp where the falls rustle, being broken from a steep

Brave adventurers from Germany could overcome this break, following in the footsteps of Etienne, Francoisa and Richard - heroes of the novel. They found also the beach. But any traces of long life or hints on paradise commune it did not manage to be found. The author in numerous interviews it is extremely resourceful answered questions of existence " beach;. He spoke: I invented Something, something the truth . It is necessary only to guess whether there are such communities actually. And as far as brave Germans were honest? Main rule " beach; - to tell nobody about it!