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How to secure the computer? Part 1 - Antiviruses.

How to secure the computer and data on it against all dangers that the mankind managed to create in 20 years which Internet in the modern look exists? It is not so difficult how it is thought to many users.

The most widespread danger known to modern homo computerus , are computer viruses. If there is a danger source, then there has to be also means from a similar misfortune. It is called - antivirus .

The antivirus is the program tracing activity of other programs. As soon as you start any of them, the antivirus verifies a signature ( of signature - English, the signature) programs with signatures of viruses from the database. If there was a coincidence - the antivirus begins to sound alarm.

Usually in case of detection of a virus blocking of the infected program and an antivirus   is made; starts to to treatment . Treatment the infected program it is reduced or to removal of a virus code, or to deactivation of a virus.

However not everything is so smooth in the Danish kingdom. There are cases when the antivirus for a number of reasons cannot make treatment of the infected program. Usually in this case, the user sees before himself the message on impossibility of treatment and the offer to remove the program. You should not be frightened such messages and to begin to panic! It is better to remove the infected program and then to reinstall it, than to anew restore all contents of the winchester damaged or erased by a virus.

Besides check on signatures from the anti-virus database, a so-called heuristic inspection when the antivirus analyzes the program can be carried out and tries to find in its code potentially dangerous to the user and his computer sites. Often such check is called check in regime of the paranoid . She is sluggish, but allows to find yet not the known viruses with high probability.

In that case the antivirus can ask you permissions to sending suspicious object to the creators for carrying out the analysis. Make a good deed: do not refuse to the program, do not feel sorry for the Internet - a traffic - you participate in creation of a vaccine from an illness. Let and electronic, but not real.

Some advanced users for certain noticed that I told only about programs, and want to declare solemnly that I which - that lost sight. Is not necessary, I remember everything! Yes, it is valid, not only programs, but also a number of other files can be exposed to infection with a virus.

For example, documents Microsoft Word and of Microsoft Excel . The matter is that, besides texts and data, I can be stored so-called macroes (small applets) in these files in Visual Basic language . What prevents to write a virus in this language and to introduce it in the similar file? Unfortunately, nothing disturbs. Even harmless, at first sight, a web - the page is a source of virus danger as may contain a program code in Java languages or of JavaScript .

Today there are many anti-virus programs. I will dare to mention only 2 the most widespread in our country and the neighboring countries.

Kaspersky`s Antivirus . Development of the Russian producer. Kaspersky Lab positions itself as developer with the highest rating of detecting of malicious applications and instant reaction to emergence of virus epidemics. Very well works with szaarkhivirovanny files even if the file is several times (serially) archived by different archivers.

of Dr. Web (Doctor Veb). As well as the previous antivirus, has the Russian origin. Producer - Sankt - the St. Petersburg anti-virus laboratory of Danilov . Distinctive feature - very fast scanning of files. But there is no detecting of SpyWare, the espionage software which collects information on the computer and the user.

Besides these antiviruses are used by of Symantec Antivirus , of ESET Nod32 Antivirus , of McAfee of VirusScan , production of Trend Micro and some other. These programs have the both pluses, and minuses. But, judging by prevalence among users, either it is a little more minuses, or it is a little less advertizing.

The choice of an antivirus entirely depends on you: from opportunities of your computer, from your opportunities, from your requirements, at last. You will be able always to learn characteristics of this or that antivirus on the Internet on the website of the producer or at some forum of fighters against computer viruses. The program price, frequency of updating of anti-virus bases, existence of service and other information are not military secret. As they say, who looks for, that will find.

Finally I will dare to give to you one advice: do not save on antiviruses . Having bought

the license version and in time downloading updates of anti-virus bases, you will save to yourself a lot of time and nerves. And it is possible, and money.

I hope, you should not wage full-scale war against viruses, but just in case I wish: good luck to you!