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How it is necessary to open the frozen doors?

rain expected to fall in the Evening, and at night temperature fell below zero, or still what similar collision occurred. As result: in the morning/day/evening of a door of your favourite vehicle refuse to open at all. With it, I am sure, most of motorists faced. How to arrive in such situation and to remain with the whole doors?

There are several exits:

1. On sale there are many special means for a defrosting. It is useful to have them at itself, and it is even better if they lie not in the car, and at home. It is always better to come back home, than with grief in eyes to observe a treasured barrel in the locked salon. This means is put on door perimeter where are rubber a sealant (from above and from below the door - sideways, as a rule, does not have them). In half-minute we begin to pull breakthroughs a door on ourselves. Also these means help for a defrosting of locks. Any.

2. It is successful if at you nevertheless opened some of doors. In that case we crawl on a driver`s seat and we warm up the car. The car has to get warm well. Ideally, doors have to open. If you have a means for a defrosting, then it is possible not to warm up the car, and to put it in addition to external also from within. Thus, the probability to tear rubber a sealant is reduced to zero. But does not disappear completely.

3. The most barbarous way: having used force, it is simple to tear off a door. What it is fraught with: everything, up to replacement of a door.

To pour hot water I do not advise as can be even worse. Additional ice helped nobody yet.

Anyway: you managed to be defrozen and opened doors. In order that they did not freeze again, it is necessary to take a dry rag or, at the worst, paper (toilet - optimum) and to wipe all wet places: joints of a door and body, both from above, and from below. This procedure should be repeated as far as possible. Thereby you will avoid similar freezing and morning shamanism with the frozen doors. Having forgotten to make it, you risk to repeat opening process.

And still, you remember: if you did not manage to open a door, it does not mean yet that it is closed. At me happened, and more than once that the door remained it is not locked. So if you undertake opening, it should be finished.

Also happens that after opening there are problems with locks. The door is not closed. It happens. There is a way out: if the door can be closed forcibly, having clicked on gvozdyu close and go to a trip. Through about five hundred meters, nail it is necessary to lift and try to slam a door normally. It has to be closed, warm air the lock will thaw and mechanisms will come to the regular mode. If it is not possible to close a door, then it is possible to try to open and close it. Well, and if you have a lighter then and to warm up the lock. In the latter case it is important to remember: the car of the train burns out in 10 minutes, the car much quicker.

Good luck to you on roads.