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What did we write last century with? Part 3

Scarcity generates dreams of abundance. Abundance quickly satiates. That it is better - it is unknown. Attempt to add black ink to brightly - blue desirable result did not bring

- new color turned out gray. Merge of green and violet ink - something it seems " gave interesting tone; sea wave but I did not manage to get rid of rather dirty shade in any way. Mix brightly - blue and violet ink was the most successful. Here turned out quite beautiful violaceous shades. I used such mix several years and filled a pen from a bubble with the proud inscription my " ink;.

With replaceable ink ampoules I knew about existence of pens long ago and even saw such (foreign, certainly). By the beginning of the eightieth the similar handle was created also on " Union;. But domestic ampoules were twice less foreign. One such ampoule cost 6 kopeks, and the whole bottle blackened - 17. The handle with an ampoule had to be stirred up all the time, or to unscrew the case and to press an ampoule. Pomuchivshis couple of days, I without regret threw out the new handle and zakayalsya to buy from now on.

The Leningrad press liked to tell about innovative ideas of " production association; " Union;. I remember several articles about a peryevy pen with adjustable letter thickness. I admit, I dreamed of it as the boy dreams of some technical toy Perhaps, " Union; also let out several skilled copies of such handle, having presented them to the party administration. But mass production it was not arranged.

One more idea - a perograf . The sophisticated name under which the ordinary writing felt-tip pen (not " disappears; faynlayner and medium ) . They were already brought then from - for borders and even sold in consignment shops One such perograf saw in the early nineties. Probably, was swan song " firms; " Union; Ordinary-looking case not different from drawing felt-tip pens; roughly worked writing core and the same it is bright - blue ink. But time was already other, and near this freak in all the abundance lay foreign red tape .

I will tell a couple of words also about felt-tip pens. They were, but quality as always, it is much worse foreign (the same Hungarian and Czech). Faded tone, quickly lokhmatyashchiyesya the writing knots. However, kids were liked to be drawn them though then inexpensive and qualitative colored pencils (low bow for them to the Moscow pencil factory of Sacco and Vanzetti, and also that factory still were issued that did fine military pencils Tactics ) .

The family of ball pens considerably expanded. There were so-called large-volume handles ( ball-point pens with the writing ampoule of the raised " resource;) . By the way, they wrote more softly usual, but not on any paper (slightly that they - began to be capricious). To year in 83 - m began to do cores with thinner ball (diameter of 0,7 mm). However quality of the paste changed a little. I do not undertake to guess what designers " thought of; " Union;. Most likely, were guided by former Soviet measures and realities of the limited choice. And it was the enormous miscalculation.

Years from the eighty seventh in shops of stationery began to appear even more often foreign disposable handles (those ball pencils). Yes, they cost time in two - rub more expensively, but quality of the writing knots and paste did not come within miles of domestic. Were very popular the Czech handles Rakh , as like as two peas similar to Parker, and the Hungarian Scripto .

Whether it was possible to save " firm; " Union; - the largest producer of a domestic stationery? Perhaps, it is also possible, but for this purpose it was required to change a lot of things. First of all - technology because were left dreams without technological innovations of dream of competitive production. By then the Swiss machines developed the resource; rearmament cost money which could not be taken.

The whole production associations decayed in the early nineties and were closed. Alexander Nevzorov (the infamous Petersburg TV reporter and the political strategist, then the politician) with a shiver in a voice told (and showed) as survive on LOMO, napyly a gold film on toilet bowls, selling them then abroad. Fell, apparently, unsinkable defense industry . Who needed the Russian handles even if yogurts and ice cream those years brought to St. Petersburg from Finland? On bazarchik near metro stations counters broke from motley and rather inexpensive Chinese and Korean red tapes .



Survived leader of a domestic ruchkostroyeniye ? I found their website and wanted to be glad: the enterprise - the bankrupt almost paid off with debts, became closed joint stock company and occupied the niche in business (so appeared from their story). One trifle confused: numbers of contact phones of closed joint stock company remained before last year`s though indexes of automatic telephone exchange in that area changed several times.

And on mine in writing - a computer table, in a blue plastic glass there lives the whole family of variegated handles Trouble-free German of peryevy Pelikan which is very pleasant for taking in a hand Faynlaynera of the German firm Faber - Castell l - quite good competitors to a fountain pen Oil handles of firm Pilot Several multi-colored Korean gel pens.

Here only by hand I write very little now. Even threw diary entries in the computer file. Probably, in vain. The diary disposes to not haste. And then, driving by a feather on paper is absolutely other process, than bustle of fingers on keys. And thoughts flow differently Encountered in the Network councils of the psychologist on composure preservation few years ago. Among them it was offered to buy a good fountain pen, a thick notebook with good paper and to begin to keep the diary.

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