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Than special Hollywood in the spring of 2007 will surprise us?

Hi to all film fans and just fans of cinema! Decided the first article to devote to cinema, namely movies which will appear on screens of movie theaters of Russia. I decided to tell with what novelties will please us bourgeois cinema this springtime and to stop the look on several movies which need to be watched with everything without fail. Why all? Because these movies are well familiar to you since old years. Are intrigued? You I will not weary, I will start the description.

What prepares for us MARCH?

of the Taxi 4 / (Taxi 4) /

will take place on March 6 a premiere of sensational series TAXI this year there is the fourth part. In what the taxi driver Marcel on the white Peugeot will walk smack this time? It is unclear. Generally, the taxi driver`s fans, wait

of the Turtle - ninjia / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles /

Exult, fans of green armor-clad heroes, - later they come back so many years!

U you speeds up pulse from the word Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? If is not present, pass to the following paragraph.

will take place on March 22 a premiere of the full-length 3D animated film Turtles of the ninjia . To look to children, well, and to all nostalgic big children.

Night of live corpses 3D/Night of the Living Dead 3D / to Fans of horrors is devoted to

The remake of a classical horror film " comes out; Night of living dead persons . Than this remake is remarkable? The movie is shot in 3D. You think, it is an animated cartoon 3D? You are mistaken! On an entrance to a cinema hall you will be given special glasses. What else for points? - you ask. And here descend and you learn! A premiere on March 29

After such fright can and relax.

Mr. Bean on vacation / Mr. Bean`s Holiday /

leaves on March 29 the next comedy about the madman Mr. Bean, however, you saw Rowan Atkinson in other role? Perhaps it is such and is? I think, after the horror film described above, Bing will be most that after effect 3D wearing spectacles. If you looked at that horror film, then surely after it we watch Bing: we have a rest.

On it March comes to an end. In April sequels are not noticed, we have a rest! But May just fruitful, MEGAHIT!

the Spiderman - 3/Spider - Man 3 /

Exult, fans of the spiderman, it are with you again! Premiere on May 3 . This time the fearless and brave spiderman will battle against angry Venom and so bad sand Sendmen (fans will understand). Enemies will try to entice a spider on a dark side and to take control of his reason. But not here - that was! Plus to everything us is waited by Parker and charming Jane`s next love sufferings. We wait on May 3 and we watch

Shrek - 3/Shrek the Third /

I with us a green ork Shrek, his talkative friend Osyol and the cunning pushful person again - the Puss in Boots. This time the long trip with adventures is necessary to them too. I specially do not open a plot that it was more interesting to you to look. I will tell only that Justin Timberlake also was added to a star postscoring of Shrek. Timberlake`s fans, quickly we watch Shrek! Nearly forgot, date of an exit to the Russian screens - on March 17 .

And the last film about which I want to tell, it:

Pirates of the Caribbean Sea - 3: At the world`s end / Pirates of the Caribbean: At worlds end /

Here and the next pirates on the way, and this time fight of the main characters will take place with the Chinese pirates. Interestingly, it is worth looking at it. Premiere on May 27 !

Result: 2007 - y year will please us with interesting sequels. Stock up with popcorn and - pleasant viewing!