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What is eaten in Turkey, or the Imam fainted

Summer! Thoughts of the exotic countries, the warm sea, quite good service, the prices available to the ordinary inhabitant - yes same everything nearby, are slightly farther than the Black Sea. Well, of course, it is Turkey which is strongly chosen by our tourists of Anatoly or on modern manners - Antalya. Sea, exotic, sights But one exotic you will not be full! What can Turkey offer us?

All know that the kitchen, best in the world, - French, then follows the Chinese. Or on the contrary, other judges believe. Farther call Italian, saw even on the third place Russian cuisine. But whether knows who that he for the third place argues, and not without justification, Turkish cuisine?

Turkish cuisine arose as an alloy Asian, European, African, and was formed under the influence of, first of all, institute of palace kitchen at the yards of sultans of the Ottoman Empire. Imagine: in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul in 17 - with m a century about 13 thousand cooks worked! And at military elite - the Janissar - even ranks were connected with kitchen - the cooking " soup; - the commander of a division, officers were subordinate him: scullions the baking " pancakes;. No, they did not cook soup, they only ate it, these are just military ranks. The big role on Turkish cuisine was rendered also by traditional respect for food.

Turkish cuisine is a holiday of a stomach, but especially it is noticeable in desserts. The Turkish sweets are incalculable: Wattled turban Female hip Nightingale nest Vizier`s Finger ... The most known - of a baklav (the thin cake layers strewed with nuts and which are filled in with sugar syrup). It is quite good also of a lokm - the fried pieces of yeast dough with syrup. What to tell about familiar to us lukum, halvah, marzipan ... All this moves together with drinks, tea, a water-ice. And here coffee, despite glory of coffee in Turkish, is used a little.

No, I will not keep not to call some more dishes of this magic kitchen: Imam of a bailda that means The Imam fainted - so tasty it seemed to it, It is pleasant to the sultan Wounded turban Turkish pleasure Harem Star - the imagination of the Turkish cooks is inexhaustible! What a pity that I cannot call these dishes in Turkish! Same as song, as magnificent anthem to fine food! Yes I Turkish learn only for it...

But we ran forward. Let`s eat in Turkish. You have time? Then forward, because the lunch can last at Turks of hour 4 - 5. At first will offer you Meuse - snack. To Meuse olives, salads, marinated vegetables, mushrooms, cheese, pieces of a honey melon, fish, fried mussels, pies, squids, the stuffed eggs, yogurt sauce with garlic and fresh bread belong add the rest. For Meuse main courses, first of all, of kebabs follow which prepare on coals, sometimes in ware, but without water. Ah, what this magic - these kebabs made from meat of magnificent quality of the breeding rams and a cattle which is grown up on open pastures. Only, for God`s sake, do not call kebabs shish kebabs!

A main course maybe to a kyofta - the forcemeat from crude meat mixed with egg and spices which can be served in the form of balls, as fried, and crude. Also are not bent, you at first try! It is unlikely when you want something another! However, if offer you fish, of course, you will not refuse. The most popular way of preparation - frying on charcoal, at the same time at fish appears unique aroma. It is possible to try the red mullet, fish - a sword, octopuses, cuttlefishes, oysters, a slope, the red bream, lobsters - all the freshest. The hamsa is considered the fish queen. Turkey knows more than 40 ways of its preparation (even a dessert from it).

As a garnish - of course, the pilaf is a rice and wheat grains dish, moves as a garnish for meat and vegetable dishes. What is prose - vegetable dishes! No, it not dishes! It something divine, I do not know from what god. Probably, all of them invisibly direct hands of the Turkish cooks who compose this divine miracle!

Products from vegetables in Turkish cuisine are divided into two types: stewed in own juice with olive oil and stuffed, and then fried (or baked). All stuffed vegetables are called dolma (from the verb doldurmak - to fill). Are popular meat and rice forcemeat; most favourite dolma - from green sweet pepper with rice. As for vegetables, any Turk will not refuse zeytinyala - stewed siliculose haricot with tomatoes and onions. Seasonings and spices in vegetable (and the others) dishes, contrary to a popular belief, are used very moderately. Mint or fennel are combined about zucchini, parsley - with eggplants. Taste of olive oil, meat or vegetables balance with a lemon and yogurt. Cold vegetable dishes are especially tasty.

We already mentioned dessert dishes. Mentioned... Yes about them it is possible and it is necessary to talk for hours! But, alas, time left.

Try Turkish cuisine! To Sherefa! - Your health!