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What did we write last century with? Part 2

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: the country quite could improve domestic ball pens. But Soviet scientifically - to technical progress had no time trifles . The country launched satellites, put to orbit the ships with dogs and, at last, sent to Gagarin`s space. However promotion develops under the laws, and real life - on the. And, as usual, most of all people wanted what was absent on sale.

I safely passed into the tenth class, and domestic ball pens were still not. Foreign got who as could: elicited at the relatives and acquaintances going abroad, at friends from socialist countries with which corresponded, bought from trade seamen and black marketeers. The prices were corresponding: the disposable handle of firm of BiC (they are done and now) cost five rubles of that time (for comparison: cost six rubles very good and reliable soyuzovsky a peryevy pen with a gold feather). Quadricolour Corvina with disgusting shades of paste and the shaky spring mechanism went from twenty five to fifty rubles. In certain circles " handles were appreciated; with girls . If to turn such handle under the necessary corner, the blind - clothes slipped, and the beauty showed the delights. But there is more to come! Rotting The West did fat handles for 10 - 12 flowers (in some even cores with white paste came across!)

At last ice started. As wrote then, moving towards numerous wishes of workers for currency the Swiss machines for production of disposable cores were bought (more precisely, their writing knots). From now on - any recharges in house conditions, and in the conditions of plant cores for consolidation of paste twisted on special centrifuges.

Fall of 1965 " plant; " Union; let out the first party of the Soviet ball pens Primitive design, wafer-thin plastic and more than average writing qualities. The state established the price of them with a solid nakrut: such handle cost about two rubles (and broke from easy pressing on the case) whereas the strong collet outline pencil (one is living at me to this day) went on only 30 kopeks. But the people were eager to get a novelty. Turns in department stores were built on several floors (as behind nylon shirts - one more deficiency of that time); the Soviet trade, faithful to the principles, added ball pens in loading to expensive and badly bought gift notebooks. Were sometimes created ridiculous " at all; " sets; from a man`s cachenez, a lighter and a ball pen.

Alas, everything is really learned in comparison. Having obtained a ball pen, I very quickly was disappointed in it. Unlike a feather, the core wrote rigidly and smeared. Worst of all, what it nevozmozhnobylo to record (now - that I understand: it is trouble of almost all handles - automatically with the push-button or rotary mechanism). At last I was bothered by these tortures; I threw a subject of recent desires in a box of a desk and for some time lost interest in this look the writing " tools;.

There were not enough factory cores first too. Besides, they did not suit for foreign handles at all. And here - that was remembered a recharge, but already at the new level. In each workshop on repair of pens there were chargers reminding big syringes for cream. Process of gas station was more than barbarous: from a core the delay squeezed out a ball (farewell, precision rolling!) through the appeared hole the core was filled with paste then the ball was put into place. Paste for gas station was bought in GDR (and very repugnant flowers). The refilled cores desperately smeared. But strangely enough, syringes lived very long and died nearly together with a network of repair shops.


To honor of " plant; " Union; and related to it plants in Kharkiv and Yaroslavl (perhaps, there were also others): in three years of deficiency of ball pens in the USSR did not exist. Quality of the writing knots and pastes increased a little. Besides Xing - violet, appeared, red, black and green paste (though and nevertheless remained the most running less whimsical blue). I wrote the majority of the student`s abstracts with cheap handles for 70 kopeks (ball pencils as they were called) because only in them it was possible to force a core to stand tightly (for this purpose from an old core the sealing ringlet was cut off and it was got on the writing knot). Of course, both hands were tired, and handwriting spoiled. But at many shortcomings, ball pens had two undoubted advantages: they wrote almost on any paper, and the text written by paste was not afraid of water. It is clear, that in laboratory or expedition is not sick with a fountain pen - you popisht that.

It is remembered, the final composition at school to us was strictly forbidden to be written with ball pens. Only peryevy and only blue ink. And in the early seventies first graders already removed the hooks and sticks the ball pencils which fell in price twice. Also pressed, poor creatures, paper, painting tenacious cores. Also spoiled to themselves handwriting, without having managed to develop it

having matured for these more than three decades A little, I entirely agree with the assessment of ball pens given by the Soviet journalist Konstantin Barykin in his sensible book I Write, I print, I dictate . It was published in the mid-seventies. I do not warrant for the accuracy of the quote, and Barykin here wrote that: The Ball pen can be made record . But is quite difficult to write it day by day. In particular it concerns cheap handles which most of school and university students uses. You not only spoil to yourself handwriting. You overload a hand why you risk to begin to hate process of the letter .

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